Potato Pomegranate Cold Salad

Potato Pomegranate Cold Salad

As the mercury rises high this summer, the only things we feel like eating should be fresh, fast and light. Potato Pomegranate Cold Salad recipe is my go-to when the sun is hot and the days are long. You don’t need to turn on your stove for very long to make this. This salad scores high on taste, very nutritious and so easy to prepare that I would hardly call it a recipe! I call it ‘Summer Easy’ instead.



1. Potatoes boiled , peeled and cubed – 250 g
2. Bengal gram Soaked overnight and boiled with little salt – 150 g
3. Pomegranate – 50 g
4. Lemon juice – 3 tbsp
5. Roasted Cumin Powder – 2 tsp
6. Chaat Masala – 2 tsp
7. Rock salt – 2 tsp
8. Olive Oil – 2 tbsp
9. Mint Leaves – small bunch
10. Onions – 2
11. Tomatoes – 2
12. Cucumber - 2

This is how I did it 

1. Prepare the dressing first. Mix lemon juice, cumin powder, rock salt and chaat masala with Olive oil. Adjust the seasoning.
2. Wash the mint leaves.
3. Peel, wash and cut onions into roundels to make rings.
4. Peel, Wash and cut cucumber into roundels.
5. Wash and cut tomatoes into roundels.
6. Mix potatoes, gram and half of pomegranate in a glass bowl.


7. Pour on the dressing and toss gently.



8. Arrange the onions, cucumber and tomatoes on the sides.
9. Sprinkle the reserved pomegranate and mint leaves on the top.
10. Serve chilled.



When can it be Served

This dish can be served at any time of the day. As an accompaniment for lunch or dinner or as a snack at any time of the day or even in the lunch box. 


Tips and Tricks

1. This is a very forgiving recipe. You can replace ingredients as per your liking! You can easily replace Bengal gram with chickpeas or even rajma.
2. You can replace pomegranate with apples or even grapes.
3. You can replace olive oil with ground nut oil.
4. You can change the proportion of ingredients as per your liking too. You like more of Bengal gram, you are the boss of your family’s health and taste. Go ahead and increase the proportion.
5. Bored with its leftovers, use it as filling for sandwiches.
6. Mash the leftover and use as filling for idli.
7. Sudden rains have come and you don’t feel like having cold salads, come on go ahead and make it a filling for your bread pakora!


This recipe of Potato pomegranate cold salad gives me time and energy to spend time with my little prankster. So while you prepare the dish I will be indulging in summer activities with him. Now, isn’t that invaluable?

So, go ahead and try this cool, appetizing salad out over which you get to spend some quality  time with your family too!

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