Top 7 pediatric dentists in Gurgaon

Top 7 pediatric dentists in Gurgaon

Dental checkup, often undermined, should be considered an important part of a child’s life. The earlier, the better. Here, I have listed a few prominent pediatric dentists in Gurgaon to help you pinpoint a doctor that suits yours and your child’s needs.


1. Dr Rita Sikka, who comes across as a warm affectionate doctor, runs her clinic by the name of Life essential Dental. Her main focus areas are pediatric dentistry, apart from head and neck pain management. She is passionate about putting her patients at ease in the calm environment of her clinic and making them stress free before she begins the treatment.

2. Kids’ dentistry at Doctor Khosla’s dental clinic:They aim at cranio facial development, dento alveolar stress and other unique tooth needs of children. Dental health and tooth positioning is evaluated at every visit. They educate patients about avoiding dental illness rather than curing it a later time frame. They also make sure that the child is comfortable and not intimidated by the process and usually insist that one of the parents sit on the seat with the child to make him feel secure.

3. Dr Rajat Sethi of Smile n Shine dental clinic: has a qualified group of pedodontists at his clinic, who largely work around child psychology and constantly strive to establish warmth and trust with patients. The doctors provide a preventive home care program to parents, which help them keep a track of the child’s dental health at home itself. Something to watch out for is their list of invaluable tips for infant oral health!

4. Dr Khullar’s dental clinic has doctors who are specially trained to manage the anxiety of kids. They have various plans for preventive dental care and treatment for children of all ages. The team of doctors, led by Dr Mrs Sanju Khullar is welcoming to ensure that the children stay composed during their stay at the clinic.

5. The dental rootsare known to have specially designed chairs for kids along with a sociable and tender environment. The interiors have been done up in a way that kids feel happy coming and undergoing treatment here.  



6. Six sigma dentistry founded by Dr Praanesh Kapur, has a group of experienced and compassionate doctors on his team. The clinic has state-of-the-art equipment for detailed images, at the same time taking care about passing on the lowest radiation dose to the patient. They have excellent orthodontic treatments available. They lay a lot of importance on the proper maintenance of milk teeth in children, for they are the pathways to healthy permanent teeth. 

7. Dr Kunal Gupta, who manages Children Dental Centre, specializes in preventive dentistry and behavior management of children, apart from oral health care from infancy to adolescence.

So if you are in Gurgaon and have a young child, please do get a check-up done by one of these pediatric dentists in Gurgaon or any other of your choice, as it may save you from a lot of trouble later!

Wishing bright smiles to all children!


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