5 Not-so-common and Easy Mother’s Day DIY gifts for your Mom!

5 Not-so-common and Easy Mother’s Day DIY gifts for your Mom!

20 Apr 2016 | 5 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

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Enough about ourselves on Mother’s day – it almost seems like we just can’t have enough of attention on that day! But someone who owes it more than us is our Mom! Here are 5 Creative, Quick and Easy Mother’s Day DIYs for your Mommy dearest!

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1. Stencil your mom’s favourite words on a tea towel. 

This is guaranteed to keep her giggling for many days to come.
Though you can use any of her favourite quotes, or may be sentences she has said herself. Though the ones she said when she was angry may turn out to be the funniest! So “Love, I know that this is true” may be good, but “Go Wash your hands, you ZOMBIE” will be a riot!
Take a print out on a hard paper or bond paper and cut out letters with a pen knife as in the image below. Trace these letters on a thick and plain transparent sheet to make a stencil out of it.



Place the stencil neatly in the center of the towel, fix it with a few tapes on all corners of the stencil and paint accordingly, using acrylic paint of your choice. It is important to wash and iron the towel well before painting on it.


Image source: wecanmakeanything


 Allow it to dry well. Once dried, run an iron on it to heat set the paint on it, before you wrap it and give it to her!



2. ‘10 Reasons why I love you’ book

This is the simplest of DIYs as can be. Cut out card paper in to equal sizes. You can also use colored paper from old wedding cards. Write 10 reasons (or more) of why you love her. We don’t need to give you a list of those reasons now, do we??

After you are done, shuffle them and use a punch machine to put one or two holes on them (depending on how you would want to bind them). Then bind with a ring, or two rings, or even a lovely ribbon. Look at her smile as she flips each of those cards – don’t forget to keep your camera ready to record all of her reactions when she is flipping through it!


Image source: thecreativeplace.blogspot

 3. Coin Box

As simple as can be – this DIY just needs clever assembly. Buy a wooden box of size as per choice. Paint it as per your choice of colors. Buy a spoon, probably that has a good design, but is not quite sturdily built. Bend the tail of the spoon to 90 degrees angle and sand it a little with some sand paper. Now stick it with a few dabs of quick adhesive, press it and let it set overnight.
Just ensure that the top lid of the box is wide enough, so that only the head of the spoon falls on the lower part of the box. This box can be used to keep numerous things.


Image source: clv.h-cdn.co


4. Recreate memories

This one is a rather funny method. Use some of the pictures of your father, grand parents, siblings and you, and recreate the same poses with them. Get those pictures taken well and then printed. Gift them to her and see her roll on floor laughing.


Image source: imgur.com

Image source: p-fst1.pixstatic.com

Image source: netmums.com


5. DIY Day Off!!

For one day, make her favourite breakfast before she wakes up! Let her sleep in for as long as she wants while you take care of her household chores and managing her maids. Serve her breakfast with amazing cutlery, probably new ones or the ones she strictly uses for guests and serve it along with her tea or coffee, brewed just as she likes it. 


Image Source: youbabyandi

But this DIY works best only when she does not get a hint of the plan – so that happiness reaches her in the most basic and simplest of forms. After all – who does not like some pampering? And of all the people in the world, our Moms deserve it the most, for when we are freaked out or are in need of rest, she is the only one who understands that. This is the most cost effective DIY for you, but I guess it will be the most Precious DIY for your Mom!

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