Top 5 International Vacations that you must take with your kids

Top 5 International Vacations that you must take with your kids

Travelling with kids can be daunting, but it's also an experience of a lifetime. Spending time exploring a new country, its culture, food and everything unique about it with your 'Curious George' can be exciting.  

No amount of planning is less while you make travel plans with children, especially younger ones. Choosing the right destination alone, which is both fun and kid friendly, can make a lot of difference. Factor in the climate of the country that you want to travel to. Based on my personal experiences as well as those of my Mommy friends; here are a few suggestions that will help plan your next International Vacation with your child. 


1. Destination: Singapore 

'The IT Factor': Singapore is synonymous to Fun. This one-stop hub is filled with entertainment, adventure and a rich diversity of cultures. A true melting pot! Singapore is an ultimate destination for kids to have a great time. Beautiful gardens to exhilarating, theme parks to choose from. With the entire city connected with an excellent MRT (Mass rapid Transit) getting around isn't a hassle. This place is apt for families taking a trip together for the first time.

Moms’ Recommendations: 

• There is a lot to see and do in this vibrant city-country. My top picks based on my personal experience of visiting Singapore thrice: (You should of course research further online in case you plan to visit)

  • Universal Studios and S.E.A is the biggest attraction in Singapore and is an entertainment to the whole Family. 
  • Sentosa and Cable car
  • Gardens of the Bay are a spectacular display of various flowers and trees, don’t miss the light show every evening.
  • Jurong bird park and night safari
  • Marina Bay sands
  • Orchard Street
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Little India, Bugis, Clarke Quay
  • Merlion
  • Vivocity Mall


Things to Remember: 

  • Singapore is one degree north of the equator; hence it is hot and humid and rains occasionally. 
  • Cabs/Taxis are expensive and if you do choose public transport which is quite efficient, so be prepared to walk a bit or choose a hotel very close to the MRT station. 
  • Pack cottons and casuals and good walking shoes. 
  • Buy universal express pass to avoid standing hours in the queues especially with kids. 
  • Do choose a weekday to visit Universal Studios and Sentosa to avoid crowds.  

  2. Destination: Dubai 

The 'IT' Factor: One of the seven United Arab Emirates is a great destination lately for families. Dubai is a mirage, an illusion of an amazing city all set painstakingly in a desert. This family destination offers a wide range of things to do and see for the entire family. Whether it's shopping at the numerous luxury malls or souks to its pristine kid friendly beaches, come be a part of the magic that is Dubai. 

Moms Recommendation: 

  • Aqua venture Waterpark
  • Dolphin Bay
  • Sega Republic
  • Bounce Dubai
  • Ski Dubai & Ice Rink
  • Kidzania
  • Atlantis Secret Chamber
  • Ferrari Park at Abu Dhabi
  • Dessert Safari/ Dune Dashing
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Burj Khalifa
  • LEGOLAND (Coming soon)
  • Mall of Emirates


Things to Remember: 

  • Best time to travel to Dubai is during winter that is Nov-Jan. Summers are extremely hot.
  • During the month of Ramadan, you should refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking in public places between sunrise and sunset. 
  • There isn't any dress code per say, Dubai is quite liberal of all Emirates. But do try to dress modest and appropriately. 
  • Public transport can be a hassle, best to call a cab than waiting for buses. 
  • Ferrari World is in Abu Dhabi and easily accessible by cabs or your own transport. Do buy a VIP pass to avoid standing in long queues.  


3. Destination: Hong Kong

The 'IT' Factor: Hong Kong which means “fragrant harbour' is one of the must visit Family destinations in Asia after Singapore. A mix of ancient temples to world class theme parks can be your schedule for the day. Also to be enjoyed is the mouth watering Chinese delicacies. With its efficient public transportation systems, you can reach all ‘places to see’ on your list with ease. There's also shopping that can be done which even the kiddos will enjoy. Overall it is a great, memorable family holiday place. 

Moms Recommendation: 

  • Hong Kong Disneyland 
  • Ocean Park
  • Hong Kong Global Geospark
  • Hong Kong Museums 
  • Ferry Rides
  • The Big Buddha
  • The Peak


Things to Remember: 

  • Best time to travel is mid Sep to Feb. 
  • Visit Disneyland on a weekday to avoid crowds. Few rides have fast passes try buying them to save time. 
  • Be ready to walk. 


4. Destination: Denmark

The 'IT' Factor: Safe, clean and easy to get around the place, Denmark is loaded with many attractions. Do whatever fancies the family! If you like the sun and sand,  surf at one of Denmark's beaches or chill there! Or if taking a walk on the wild side is what you crave then head to the animal parks and zoos. Holidaying at Denmark with family doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket; there are lots of fun, free activities and events to indulge in. One of Denmark's best is Copenhagen; this kid friendly place has numerous things for kids. 

Moms Recommendation: 

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Legoland, the ultimate craze for Lego fans, roller coaster, water play with pirates and lots more.
  • The Blue Planet - Denmark's Aquarium.
  • Planetarium 
  • National Gallery of Denmark
  • Faarup Sommerland
  • Change of Royal Guards is not to be missed. 

Flight costs: Rs 40,000/- upwards

Things to Remember:

  • Best time to travel is in the summer months - June, July and August. 
  • Food is expensive and there may not be a lot of pure vegetarian options. 
  • Few bakeries in Denmark have delicious buns and other savouries at reasonable prices. 


5. Destination: Australia

The 'IT' Factor: Australia is also one of the ultimate family destinations, with kangaroos, koala bears, surfing and a lot more. This country is a heaven for family travel! Though the vastness of it may seem daunting to parents and does add a layer of complexity especially with kids in tow, but with clever planning, your family can enjoy every bit of it. Hamilton Island is the most renowned family friendly destination. Gold Coast theme parks are always a hit with the kids. Sydney and Melbourne offer their share of family fun as well. 

Moms Recommendation: 

  • Sydney Harbour
  • Sydney Sea life Aquarium
  • Sky Zone indoor park has some trilling and fun options like Trampoline Park and iFly centre. 
  • Taronga Zoo and WILD LIFE, Sydney. 
  • Tasmania's Freycinet National park for Engaging with cute Wallabys. 
  • Dreamworld
  • Sea world
  • Wet & Wild , Whitewater world 
  • Gold Coast’s beach suburbs are kid-centric too, with surf lessons, jet-skiing, sea-kayaking, whale-watching.
  • Australia zoo though a bit far is worth the visit. 
  • Philip island Nature Park.
  • Bondi beach. 


Things to Remember: 

  • Australia can be travel friendly in all climates. December to February is summer; March to May is autumn; June to August is winter; and September to November is spring. You can plan as per your holidays or the specific places you’d like to visit. 
  • Planning a Schedule is very important and will be the key to a successful trip with the family. 
  • There are many zoos and animal centric attractions , hence choose the best ones you want to visit that will save time for other activities. 
  • Domestic flights are the best way to travel in Australia with families. Choosing from budget airlines which will be easy on the wallet. 
  • Food is expensive, best way is to cook your own food. 
  • It will be hot so be prepared for it with lotsa sunscreen and the right clothing for all.  


With all-inclusive resorts aimed at families, several on-site activities for the little ones, kid friendly foods to nannies and day care at the resorts itself, international trips can become what memories are all about. Keeping an eye out for good deals on travel and stay, months before you plan your trip may be useful.  

Pack those bags with your kiddos and catch that flight to a whole new excitement this vacation! 

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