Are You Sure You Have Thought About The Place For Childbirth?

Are You Sure You Have Thought About The Place For Childbirth?

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Pregnancy is an invaluable experience and childbirth is one that will probably give you goose pimples every single time you think about it in your entire lifetime! So have you thought about it a little bit deeper? How are you going to go about your delivery? And where do you want to undergo the birthing experience? 


Just in case you haven’t delved upon it yet, you might want to hear from moms who have gone through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. 
This is what BabyChakra MomStars had to say about the place of childbirth, when asked, “which is the Best Place for an expecting mom to deliver her baby? – multi- specialty hospital, maternity home or home birth”.

- Around 20% of moms who responded, preferred a maternity or a nursing home over a multispecialty hospital or home birth, as they felt that the doctors there personally know each patient well, take personal care and the set-up was more comfortable for them. The choice was more based on trust for the gynecologist.

- Nearly 50% of all Mom respondents said that they prefer a Multi-specialty hospital. A Mumbai-based Mom said, “It gave me the confidence that I will be treated by well-qualified professionals. My delivery would be taken care of well and any emergencies/ difficult scenarios will be managed well. Also, such a hospital is a one stop shop for all other treatments like gestational diabetes, if any. The cons though are the long waiting queues and the limited time one gets with the gynecologist. But overall the nice room, dieticians and the well trained nurses reassured me that hospitals are better.” Most others who prefer multi-specialty hospital do so as they think it could cater to any last minute emergencies or any unplanned pre or post- natal complications or were much needed in cases of preterm delivery. 

- A handful talked about the water birth option at home, for most of who it was a wish unfulfilled. A popular Mumbai-based blogger, Aloka Mehta Gambhir, beautifully expressed, “LOVED my home birth. I had two extremely invaluable midwives very professional and I felt far safer and far happier n their care with a back-up doctor than I felt at the hospital during the birth of my first child. For a healthy mother and healthy pregnancy, best outcomes are usually possible without any intervention. It was so empowering and I have such positive memories.”

In fact, another mom also  expressed her wish to give birth at home in a bath tub, if that were possible in India.

- A couple also advised that safety, comfort and affordability should determine the right place for you to deliver your baby.


No matter what you choose, make sure it is equipped to make this momentous event of your life memorable and enjoyable! But remember it’s a personal choice, and you must exercise it. Also, don’t miss to record the event by booking a maternity and child photographer in advance!

Happy birthing! Wish you and your baby loads of love, luck and fun in the months to come!


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