5 cost-saving ideas for the right Kids' furniture

5 cost-saving ideas for the right Kids' furniture

Once the hoopla around the joy of being pregnant fades off and the reality of becoming new parents gets real, parents are overwhelmed with the next phase of life 'The arrival of the little one'. There are so many things baby needs, from endless supply of diapers to baby bottles, breast pumps or baby clothing, to kids’ furniture, it all seems like a whirlpool of decisions. 

Now your popular motherhood and baby stores tempt you with their 'oh so cute' window displays of perfect cribs, cuddly bedding and accessories. With cute motifs, pastel colours and the best of furniture all in kiddy sizes can melt any parent’s heart that isn't ready to loosen those purse strings. 

Before you think of buying that overly expensive kiddy furniture, sit back and ponder over the actuality of spending thousands of rupees on something that your kid is going to outgrow very soon. Consider pre-cared kids' furniture instead! 
One such brand of used kids' furniture is Gozefo! Their used or pre loved kids' furniture is thoughtfully curated, carefully cleaned, disinfected and priced very competitively compared to new kids' furniture. What’s also good about them is - With their 'buy back' option, you can sell these products hassle free after 2 years at upto 40% value (made available exclusively for BabyChakra readers). They also ensure that every piece of furniture they sell has been individually inspected and verified by the team.  


Here are few items that kids tend to outgrow fast, with better alternatives from Gozefo:

1. Cribs

Parents can enjoy the comfort of their bed while baby snoozes safely right next to them in the crib. Choosing a used crib would be the right choice since babies outgrow sleeping in them as soon as they reach the terrible twos or even before. Investing in a used kids' crib would be ideal, just like the Krystal pine wood crib found on Gozefo.  A crib is ideal for infants, upto three years of age.



2. Strollers

One of the most useful baby accessories, which become redundant soon is the stroller. You might end up using it to dump children's toys, dolls etc. Being able to get up and get moving is number 1 on any baby's wish list. Once your baby crosses 6 months they begun to turn onto their sides and before you know it this little bundle is running all over the place. 
But you must have one as you step out of the house, as long as you can manage your kid strapped in it.  So why not choose a used kids' stroller and not feel the pinch of spending twice the price on a first hand stroller. The Kenneth Wanderers baby stroller on Gozefo is perfect option. The ideal age group is 6 months to 3.5yrs. 


3. Bunk Beds

Kids while growing up prefer to have their own stuff, be it clothes, toys etc. Same applies for beds as well. While it isn't practical and safe for both kids to sleep on a regular size bed until the right age, bunk beds come to the rescue. First hand bunk beds can make a deep hole in your wallet. Eventually your kids will grow up and demand their own adult cots, imagine the pain of disposing your expensive bunk bed. In this way you can let them have their fun while saving for their future adult beds. 

Gozefo offers you the Leo storage kids’ bed- a true space saver for lesser than a first-hand one, coupled with free delivery and installation services. The ideal age group for bunk beds is 4 to 8 yrs. 


4. Table & Chair

Do you find your child working most of the time on the floor, bed or trying hard to colour her/his drawing uncomfortably at the dining table? Probably having their own table and chair would make it easier for them to blossom their creativity while playing or studying. A study table is apt for doing homework as well as craft work. This is something to be used before being able to share your workstation at home or even old enough to have an adult study table. The Jayne study table with chair is a good option; it's for kids between the ages of 3.5 to 7 years. 



5. High Chair

Every parent knows how difficult it is to feed a baby. Carrying your baby in one hand while you summon invisible, magical creatures to appear to take away their food is a common sight in every household with kids. This, though entertaining for the baby isn’t easy on parents or for that matter any caregiver. According to research, a child being able to feed him/herself is a very important part of personal and social development, not to forget fine motor skills too.

A high chair is the right equipment to enable your child to do this. Though an essential item it will definitely not be in use after a couple of years. With that in mind there is the Pine Wood foldable High Chair, which is a good option on Gozefo. The ideal age to start with a high chair is 8 months to 3.5 yrs

Used high chair is a perfect option because once your baby is old enough he/she will want a place at the adult dinning table. 



So while you go easy on your wallet, you can ensure a fun and safe childhood with the choice of right furniture from the right place!

All pictures in this article are original and belong to Gozefo

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