Happy Mother's Day Hubby!

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“Foolish Mother, why would you want to share ‘Your Day’? I said to myself.

“It is the only day in the year where you actually get credit and celebrate your never-ending hours of otherwise non-gratifying work you do, patience and compromise in raising your baby. Why not just wait for next month for his day, Father’s day, instead? He is after all being a good Father and not a Mother!” The debate inside me continued.

True, it’s my well deserved day. And I’m not sure if he is being more of what a father should be, but he certainly makes me more than what a mother can be. And for this, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my Hubby as well and to all such husbands, who are more than usual, involved fathers and who enable us to be the best moms we can be. 

A Mother is conventionally one who knows everything about nurturing and protecting her child; works with infinite energy and possesses an ocean of love and patience for her child. A very high expectation society has kept for just that single person. So, when I see a new father carrying his infant in a baby carrier in the mall, walking his baby in a stroller to the nearby park or feeding his baby a milk bottle, it makes me happy for the new age mother-like-fathers.

These new Father breeds are proud parents and never shy away from fulfilling their parental responsibilities even in public. We are still yet to see the diaper discussions and the child behavioral talk among them but we’ll save that for next Mother’s day perhaps.

Here is a glimpse of my Mother-like Father Husband and how he shared my Motherhood from the start. 


As an Expecting Mom

For a new mother, nurturing a child in the womb is at times nerve wrecking. A great deal of responsibilities lies on her shoulders and her back. My husband was with me during each visit to the doctor visit, read child birth books with me and never missed a single prenatal birthing class that we had taken together, either. To my surprise, he was comfortable being the only male and took notes when the instructor discussed feeding as well.
In my gestational diabetes days, on one hand I would induce the insulin needles to myself but my hands were steady because in the other hand I held his. The multiple diagnostic tests, the sonographies, the swimming sessions, and the morning sickness we were together.  

During Delivery

It was and still may be the norm that husbands send their wives to their parents’ place or wait outside the delivery room while their wives deliver their baby all on their own. But instead my husband brought my earlier home to my current one. We were together made to rehearse the delivery drill from recording contractions to emergency numbers.    

He coached me in the delivery room and didn’t back down during my operation.  I saw him wearing a surgeon’s mask sitting right beside me holding me close. He never left my side. It made a world of a difference to see him, hear his voice and feel his hand on mine. He isn’t a super hero but he made me a super mom. 

As a New Mother

Managing the new bundle of joy, the family expectations and my roller coaster mood swings along with his job was not easy. I now understand that. It was because of his involvement I could get time for myself, rest for my body and energy for our little one.

Today, it comes as no surprise that our baby is as comfortable with his Dad as is he with me. Our son loves his company and is equally comfortable having either of his parents with him. 


I’m happy to share my motherhood with you, hubby! 

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Comments (12)

vow superb priya... well said...i can remember those days.. I just wanted my hubby to be wt me during my labour..he s the oly male who's always wt her wife to take care each and everything to me... Infact he stayed through out my hospital stay... tuk leave fa one Week to office..😊😊😊

wow grt words
sometimes d feelings inside us we can't put in words
same experience is mine with my hubby
he is always there for me
not only pregnancy or baby related issues but wherever i need support help my hubby is there

Thats a very nyc

Only lucky women get a good and understanding husband...

Sounds like so much fun.

Tells me how.. to celebrate motherhood

Tells me how.. to celebrate motherhood

Awesome well said dear.u r so lucky; ur husband is very understanding person

Ashish Abhijit Rout

This is exactly what I was looking for.

My hubby was wit me on my pregnancy days & on my labour he was awake to see his baby fr whole ngt & he is surprisingly we got a boy baby my hubby wish was girl baby after my labour he was wit me in hsptl whole day & at ngt my mom he tuk leave for 15days to enjoy his father hood not only at that time when ever & where ever i wish him to br wit me he will always be on my side he has so much of understanding nature thank god..he manages both the family which is supose to be done my me but he does it..😊

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