5 things that restored my sanity while on a complete-bed rest-pregnancy

5 things that restored my sanity while on a complete-bed rest-pregnancy

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Well, honestly, it did come across as a Dream Come true!

I was Pregnant...


I don’t remember being so happy about wanting something and getting it! Along with my gift of conceiving twins, came another gift I really wanted – Bed Rest! My happiness knew no bounds. Though it was a high risk pregnancy, but a long and “prescribed” off from office as well as home chores is all I had wanted for a while! 

But 1 month down the line I knew it was a lot more than just lying down and having a vacation. With restrictions for even sitting down, or time killers like watching TV or going for a drive, it started to get monotonous and irritating. Looking at the ceiling fan or at the walls and cupboards soon became mundane and I wanted out – but once you know bed rest is mandatory to carry out a high risk pregnancy, you would lie down.

I was soon burdened by bouts of unhappiness and even depressive episodes, because even when I wanted to chat with friends online, most of them were working and could not be with me continuously.

I’m sure other moms-to-be who have been suggested bed rest due to a high risk pregnancy or other conditions can identify with this state of extreme boredom coupled with the difficulties of their medical conditions. Here are a few lifesaving hacks that worked for me!

Build up a new hobby

In the limited time that I was allowed to sit, I used to practice nail art on my nails. Since there were barely any chores I was doing, so my nails grew nice and long which I could file and apply nail colour even when lying down. I saw videos and tutorials and managed quite a few designs at home. The decorative art made me feel pretty as well!

Become a movie buff

I began using Hotstar and other such apps to watch movies that I had wanted to watch for a long time. I took a list from Wikipedia and struck them off when I would finish watching them.

Read Your list of pending Books, or start with them!

I had never been a reader, but with a few recommendations from friends, I began reading on topics of choice to kill time. To my surprise, I started enjoying it so much that my husband had to take the book away from me to make me sleep or I would spend an entire night wanting to finish the book



Read about Parenting Online

One of the best practices of trying to kill time was to read about pregnancy, post pregnancy care and child care online. With such amazing information online, it would make it easier for me to understand my situation and know where I’m headed. 

But this can also work as a trap – be sure to read from valid sites as a lot of unnecessary details and scary information is presented on a silver platter in the web world. Trusted, verified and popular sites give the correct information without coming across as scary or threatening.

Chat Groups

I made a chat id with an anonymous name and made a few friends online. I also joined a few chat groups of Moms through Facebook. The lack of someone to talk to was taking the better of me and it felt like I was being drowning in the pool of my loneliness. With anonymous people, you could talk about anything and everything – from movies to weather to politics to shopping… there’s just no end!

Once my bed rest was over, I felt relieved. Today, most of my time is spent running after kids, I think I’d like a similar phase, sans the complexity again!! How did you cope with your bed rest? Do let us know!


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