5 tips to keep in mind while dressing up your baby in summer

5 tips to keep in mind while dressing up your baby in summer

Summer can cause a lot of grief, especially to kids – Excessive sweating, and the humidity in the air can cause skin rashes or other forms of skin irritation, making your child irritable. Infants usually resort to crying leaving the parent guessing what is it that is exactly bothering them. Our first attempt should be to ensure that the child is comfortably clad. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while selecting your little one’s clothes - 


1) Clad the infant in only cotton and pure fabrics: Synthetic fabrics don’t allow the skin to breathe leaving all the sweat and heat trapped next to the skin. This can cause rash and discomfort.  Cotton and most other fabrics instead are woven in a way that ensures air crossing through the weave allowing the sweat to evaporate.


2) Clad the child basis the ambient temperature: Confused about how much is enough? Follow the cues of the ambient temperature. While in a room that is just cooled by the fan or has natural drafts of air circulating through, it is okay to keep the clothing ultra-light and comfortable…just a cotton vest/spaghetti with shorts. But if you stay in an air-conditioned environment, it is advisable to make the infant wear full-sleeve tee shirts and pajamas especially at night, since children tend to throw away the coverlets.


3) Follow your own body temperature: It is a known fact that in the initial months, an infant’s body temperature is closely linked to the mother’s body temperature, therefore rather than listening to random advice from well-meaning people, try and asses the heat for yourself—are you okay in a light shirt and shorts? Your baby too perhaps would be.


4) When outdoors, cover the child well: Though it may not sound too good to cover the child in full sleeve and pajamas when stepping out in the evening, but physical barriers like clothing are a great protection against the mosquitoes and insect bites. So, be safe and keep safe.


5) Simple is best: Though little girls look adorable in fluffy frocks and frilly clothes, you may consider stowing these away till the weather is a bit more pleasant. All the layers in these flouncy garments can again trap heat and make the infant really hot and uncomfortable. Stick to simple garments devoid of any trimmings, embroidery and other embellishments.


Though simple tips, these can be really effective in keeping your child happy and safe in the summer. Do share your thoughts on the same.

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