Meet Prachi: the mom who takes your kid around the world!

Meet Prachi: the mom who takes your kid around the world!

30 May 2016 | 3 min Read

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My mom quotient


I believe the trick to be a good mom is to prepare, prepare and prepare. It was a planned pregnancy so I was more than willing to have a child in my life. I do take my job as a mom very seriously and give it my best shot on most days.:-)

I want my son to experience things first hand. Not only do I celebrate his first gold medal on sports day but also his first injury on the football field. I introduce him to unconventional activities for boys such as gardening and cooking. I make him wear ‘pink’ and also expose him to stuff such as art installations and western classical music.

I answer every question he asks (a lot of the times Mr. Google helps), and give him a lot of freedom in his thoughts (such as let him plan his day or decide if he should watch TV or not) 

I try to make guidelines which he follows (to some extent) and try to reinforce by my actions more than words. Although, like a typical mom I have made some disastrous mistakes (such as put the diaper on upside down) which is what makes my parenting unique for him.


My Mom inc story

I have always been an avid traveller and started travelling with my son as early as 3 months as I wanted him to ‘learn on the go’. Little Passports germinated due to the extensive enquires I would get for our travels to exotic locales and feedback on my encounters. Although, so many of my family and friends would take keen interest I noticed hardly any of them actually went. I realized it could be due to the fact that these places are out of their comfort zone or they lack company for these trips. 

I decided to follow my passion for kids and travel and thus was born,Little Passports. I have a penchant for kid’s destinations and aspire to convert all my experiences to trips through Little Passports. 


Who Inspired/ supported me the most

My son inspired me immensely, as I saw how easy he was on trips. Being mesmerised by mindless sights, he had no time to throw tantrums and after being introduced to so many new foods he forgot to be fussy! 
My husband supports me in my endeavours. The ‘eureka’ moment of Little Passports was on one of my travels to Tatra Mountains, Slovakia. I was chatting up with a local, on how kids are the biggest beneficiaries of travel. To capture the moment, my husband decided to celebrate my ‘birthday’ there (the birth of an entrepreneur).

Advice for momprenuers

Seek support! Contrary to common belief, I think a successful mom is empowered by a great support system. It could be her husband, parents or even a good nanny! Above all, I feel the key for me is to not feel guilty about being a working mom, and I come back to my son with a renewed sense of spirit after a fulfilling day at work.


Why I love BabyChakra

In this plethora of parenting blogs and websites, BabyChakra is a breath of fresh air with their unique approach in offering information to moms.
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