5 Tips for choosing the right toy for your child

“Toys are children's words and play is their language”, said someone beautifully. I, too, believe that toys are the best tool to kick start any child’s development. The right toys at the right age can provide the necessary stimulation for the child’s cognitive and physical development. The challenge though, is to match the interests of your child, optimize storage and make it a not-so-expensive affair while buying or lending toys for your child. Here are a few tips which I always follow while selecting any toy for my baby and has helped me strike a balance 

Keep it age appropriate

Generally, parents have a tendency to plan our baby’s future in advance. But, when it comes to toys, this planning doesn’t work because too challenging a toy can leave your child disinterested in play altogether. Hence, one should always choose a toy as per their baby’s current age. In fact, I suggest buying only for the current age and follow your child’s cues as s/he grows up.

Note down the must-haves

Before going to a toy store, one should always have a list of must-have toys as per our baby’s age. This list will help make the choice better and faster. Check out this list of 6 must-have toys in your baby’s first year, for example.

Check the toy quality

Kids and babies tend to taste toys even before they actually play with them. The quality of the toy, is thus of high priority.  From colour to edges to material, everything should be considered and checked. Prefer natural materials like wood or, cloth as they are safer and last longer too. Avoid battery-operated toys for children below 3 years of age.

Once you get the right toys for your child, make sure you sit down and play with them! That makes the toys most effective. 

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Akshaya Naresh

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Sharmina Khan

This is exactly what I was looking for.

lubna tabassum

This is just in time

lubna tabassum

This is just in time

Krishna S Panchal

My son is always prfering only cars/vehicle toys, but for his development what should be preferred kindly guide me. He always cheking mobile while eating food also.

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