Top Breastfeeding Myths that need to be busted

Today a lot of myths abound, thanks to this trend due to which a lot of women stop feeding their babies prematurely. Here are some breastfeeding myths and facts still being believed and followed blindly.

Somewhere in the early parts of the last century industries came into being and mothers in the West were forced to leave babies at home and go out to work. MNC's in turn developed artificial milk or infant formula in order to give these babies good nutrition.

Over time this somehow translated into infant formula being a superior food thanks to big MNC budgets. Eventually this led to a couple of generations of women in many parts of the world who didn't breastfeed and it went out of fashion.

Today a lot of myths abound thanks to this trend by which a lot of women stop feeding their babies prematurely. Here are some of them:


1. Breastfeeding is best for baby

It's not the best. It's normal. It's the only milk or food for baby and nothing else should do. If a mother thinks breastfeeding is best but Formula is the next best thing she may decide to give infant formula instead of breast milk. If she knows that there is nothing else that compares and all the hidden ingredients are actually causing harm than good she may get help, try really hard to breastfeed, and only then turn to formula.

One of the reasons that breastfeeding is essential is that babies are born with immature guts or intestines. They are pretty porous and not sealed. Breast milk seals the intestine. Formula does not. A formula fed baby may have sometime called 'leaky gut' while growing up as toxins and waste gets into a blood stream instead of staying within the intestine and getting excreted as poop. ANY amount of formula in the first 15 days is a no-no for this reason.

2. Breastfeeding is just about feeding.

This myth prevents a mother from nurturing and pacifying with her breasts when the baby seems upset or is crying. Thanks to this myth, mothers put babies on schedules.

• Mothers who exclusively breastfeed for nutrition only may not be satisfying baby's needs for comfort and bonding at the breast.

• Babies need constant suckling. Mother takes this need to mean baby is hungry, my milk is not enough

• Sucking is baby's primary instinct to obtain security and nourishment.

3. Formula helps baby sleep at night.

Many mothers give formula at night in the hope that the baby will sleep longer. But babies who are just waking up to snuggle with mom or bond will wake up anyway. It's not plain hunger that wakes a baby. The baby's temperament plays a pivotal role in night waking's.

Some sensitive sleepers (like my son who has never slept more than 5 hours at a stretch in 20 months) will wake no matter what and have a hard time calming down without the caregiver. Some easy temperament babies may sleep through from 2 and 3 months whether breast-fed or not. Feeding night and day specially in the initial couple of months is essential for establishing good milk supply and most moms can easily carry on feeding for a couple of years or more if this initial supply is well established.

4. Breasts are never empty.

Sometimes people around the mother may tell her that it's not possible to feed so often and still have milk, or maybe the baby is spitting up after every feed and the mother thinks of topping up with a bottle thinking the baby may feel hungry soon. But a breast is not a bottle. They are never empty and will always have milk. The more you put baby to breast the more milk you will have.

I will spoil my baby

By nursing her to sleep/ nursing on demand. It's impossible to spoil your baby firstly and specially not by breastfeeding on demand or nursing to sleep. Your breast is your baby's home. Sometimes all he may want is some snuggling at the breast

5. My baby should be sleeping through the night at 3/ 6/ 9 months.

Many a mother thinks that there is a particular time frame for when a baby sleeps though the night. I remember I was one of them. When I stopped worrying about it once my baby turned 8 months, we all slept better.

Mothers worry that breastfeeding is stopping him from sleeping though the night. This actually may be true. Your baby may be just waking up to nurse and bond with you when he is at his most vulnerable. But is that really a problem? It's something only you the mother can answer.

Thanks for reading today. Hit me up with more myths that you've come across that prevent successful breastfeeding.

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Nice article...

a good article❣

👍 informative Article

Thank u..good article..facing the same issues

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Great article

My baby is 8 weeks old and is now fussing while breast feeding, he is on continious nursing like every half n hour when he is awake, but now he fusses after 10 to 15 mins on breast and pulls nipple as if he is not getting milk, i un latch and check there is a supply but with not that force.
What should i do i try on both breast and after few minutes he starts crying, i feel he is more hungry and my milk is not able to satisfy his hunger, should i feed him formula at this so called helpless situation.

before u feed ur bby hav a glass of water it increases d flow of milk

I always do that without fail

thn dear try to increase ur milk supply by havg suji milk bajra n hav lots of water n milk

n more u keep ur bby near ur breast as ur feelg wil flow naturally milk wil b mre

Thks dear😘

Thanks for the information. .my baby is 42days old I breastfeed her but at the night time; she cries a lot an I give her NAN NESTLÉ; PRO. it fine an I'll be travelling n train tomorrow; is that ok I can give her formula

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