8 must-have clothes in your newborn’s wardrobe

8 must-have clothes in your newborn’s wardrobe

3 Jun 2016 | 3 min Read

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Once your precious little bundle of joy is in your arms, the thoughts of ‘how to protect him/her’ will be on top of your mind always! The first and the most basic way to do it is, of course, through the right clothing and hygiene. 

As an expecting or new parent, you might want to consider this list of different kinds of clothing which come in handy –

1. Face towels: You can’t wash your baby’s face in the normal way for until atleast 6-9 months, so having a clean, soft face towel always helps. The ones made of terry cotton absorb moisture easily and dry fast too. 

2. Napkins: With a baby in the house, there will never be a dearth of things to wipe off – drool, extras after feeding or food spills. Always carry a bunch. You can try the Morisons Baby Dreams’ napkins with interlock set.

3. Bibs: This is more useful after 6 months when your baby is weaning n pureed, mashed soft foods. Don’t get alarmed by the mess! Your baby is learning and so are you. Having atleast half a dozen helps to use during multiple meals. Choose ones that are easy to put on your baby, can be washed and dried easily. 

4. Dry Robe: A soft, hooded robe can be used either for drying your baby after bath or carrying him/her when you travel. Choose the material which is light, lets your baby’s skin breathe and is easy to carry during outings. Check out this Morisons Baby Dreams’ dry robe, for example.

5. T-shirt & legging set: This is useful anytime – indoors or outdoors and are mostly unisex too. Go for a bit loose ones so that it is easy to dress your baby. The leggings should have room for diaper and shouldn’t stick to your baby’s skin.

6. Onesies: These make the perfect top clothing during warm weather or naptime in the day. Given the buttons in the waist area, diaper changing is really easy with these. Typically, the shoulders of onesies are a bit loose too.

7. Romper: Babies always look cute but this is the cutest dress for babies possibly. One-piece dress from head to toe, with button openings all over, is best during sleep time in winter or during travel. They come in awesome designs and colors, some even are cut out in animal designs. Must have in your baby’s wardrobe! Check out the adorable designs of cotton rompers by Morisons’ Baby Dreams.

8. Caps, Mittens and booties: These are essential accessories for any baby, especially when it is cold or you are travelling with the baby. Again go for comfortable, cotton ones else it may leave your baby irritated. Mittens are very helpful for those babies who suck their thumb.

Once you dress up your baby in these cute clothes, don’t forget to take pictures! The way they look is going to change very fast. Also don’t buy too many at a time, as your baby might outgrow them soon.

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