8 Outdoor Activities That Are Sure To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Nature

8 Outdoor Activities That Are Sure To Make Your Child Fall In Love With Nature

World Environment Day just reminds us that we need to do a lot for the environment, with the environment, especially for the sake of our children.  We need to ensure that they enjoy their environment and out of sheer love, they care for it as they grow up.

On MomStar Nehal Shah’s own initiative, she organizes weekend activities for her son and other parents & children, who explore and enjoy nature at leisure. Here are a few snippets:



Kayaking is a great way to make friends with water, and strengthen your muscles as you and your child kayak along the stream!



This is the best way to start gardening with kids!  Those little hands create these little gardens with their own hands, with your help. When they carry them back home, they also learn to take care of it and nurture it. 


Making Floral head gears and bird feeders bring children closer to nature and also encourage them to make friends with birds, especially in summers.


Sailing is when your children meet the horizon and get to see the gentle side of sun.


There’s always enough in the lap of nature for all of us to engage our senses and taking a closer look at it on a walk with the nature always helps!


A very important lesson in life is to learn all about food. On a visit to a farm, they learn how food is grown and experience the process of feeding and milking the cows themselves, which delights them beyond measure.


Nature also inspires creativity. Encourage them to pick up nature's treasure (leaves, twigs, mushrooms & others) and let their art be a takeaway. Leaf painting in tote bags, for example.

Rappelling helps kids get adventurous and conquer fear of heights. It also heightens their sense of achievement and fosters their physical development.

So have fun under the sun, out in the water, in water or just in the greens. Let your child soak in with all 5 senses and watch him/her grow!


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