Help your child care for the Environment in 9 fun ways

Help your child care for the Environment in 9 fun ways

Most parents want their children to grow into environment-conscious citizens. The World Environment Day on June 5 is a good reminder for us to reiterate the importance of nature and conservation of environment to our children. 

If you have been thinking on the same lines, try doing these things once in a while.

Plant trees 

Host a tree plantation drive in your building or complex. Kids love to get their hands dirty; they would need no encouragement for this activity. Alternatively, you can even participate in a tree plantation drive. I had once participated in a mangrove plantation drive with my little daughter, and it was fun, for both of us. If neither are convenient for you, simply plant flowers or grow a kitchen garden in and around your apartment, to beautify the area around you.

Observe a ‘No gadgets day’ 

The rule for the day should be to stay away from gadgets, including the idiot box. This applies to elders as well! And, no sneaking into the bathroom to browse through your WhatsApp or Facebook. If you can, switch off the light or fan for an hour to save more electricity. Enjoy a candle light dinner! Fun I said, didn’t I?

Save fuel 

You drive to work or drop your child in your car. How about taking a break from the routine? Walk your child to school or carpool. Cycle to your workplace or take a public transport. Save fuel and make the environment cleaner.

Prepare an awareness skit 

Prepare a fun skit or street play with the building or complex kids to spread environmental awareness. With the use interesting props and placards, spread the message of reduce, recycling and reuse.

Enjoy a ‘Make from scratch day’

Prepare your own food using fresh veggies, legumes and grains. Nothing out of plastic, glass jar or carton today; no fruit juices, water, milk or muesli. Also, while you are at it, enjoy traditional eating on a banana leaf. You will not only enjoy the food but will also end up saving water.

Fight littering 

Form a litter-fighting team by engaging building kids/conscious elders that will clean the streets, beach and parks, and will also show how cleaning after oneself should not be shameful.

Organize Funds for an environment drive

Raise money for the project you most believe in; it can be wildlife conservation, cleaning lakes and rivers to facilitate more water storage or planting more trees. Collect funds at your local shopping mall, metro station, a nearby traffic signal or in the parking lot of your residential complex.

Take a home composting class

Take your love for nature to another level by taking a home composting class with your kids. You will not only learn to compost your kitchen waste to make the best plant manure, but can also grow organic vegetables using it. This will reduce your contribution to the landfills, leading to a healthy life for yourself and the Planet Earth.

Participate in a PUC certification drive

Many petrol pumps offer a free PUC check up to vehicles on the occasion of World Environment Day/ Week. Talk to a petrol pump if your child can participate in one such drive, and take a quick lesson on the advantages of vehicle maintenance and obtaining PUC certificate. He or she can talk to the neighbours, family and friends about how maintaining vehicles regularly can minimize pollution, and can urge them to go for a PUC check of their vehicle. 

If you have more such cool ideas, feel free to share here! Happy Environment to Us and our children always!

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