8 confessions of a Father to his Son

8 confessions of a Father to his Son

18 Jun 2016 | 5 min Read

Arshad Jhatam

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Dear Son,

First and foremost, thank you for being my ticket to ‘Papa-Land.’ Since your birth, I have often thought of how I could be a more ‘Present Dad’ in your life. 

So last week I made a rather radical decision.  Expecting the entire lifetime’s quota of hugs, I came home and announced to your mom “I am going to be a SAHD (Stay-at-Home-Dad)” Her face kind-of looked like this!!

So here I am, back in the office. You see, women have this ability to make you re-think everything you do. If you don’t learn from me, you will figure it out on your own some day!

With that behind me, I have been dwelling over why I am always on the lookout to being a more involved father. I realized it has a lot to do with me! Though I am not as vocal as your mom, I want to grab this Father’s Day to make a few confessions.

Father’s Day Confession 1#  You are my best buddy!

I don’t think I enjoy being with anybody as much as I like being with you. Just being with you beats everything and I hope you will choose to be my friend forever! As I look at the young men coming into manhood now, I only wish that you and I will create a bond that is lasting and cultivated over years of gentle nurturing. 

Father’s Day Confession 2#: I will never be able to ‘roughhouse’ anybody like I do you!

When I do this to you, I not only want to teach you how to defend yourself against someone older, stronger and tougher, but it also brings me joy. To toss you around, to pin you down, kiss you and to pretend to sometimes win and sometimes lose; this is my time to bond with you.



Father’s Day Confession 3# I can dance around you with no judgement.

It is enough that you want to shake a leg with me. It doesn’t matter if there’s rhythm or grace. All that matters is that there’s music, you and me! Together we can shed inhibitions, abandon worries about appearances and just embrace happiness. I know you will be the one person who will always look up to me and that means I better set a good example. You are learning from me.

Father’s Day Confession 4# I love seeing you bored!

I might be able to get you everything you ask, but wonder if you need it. Besides I like to see you bored sometimes because boredom stirs imagination. And I love it when you imagine. When you collected that bag of sand from the construction site, combined it with water and soap to create a little ocean in the backyard, I knew that your mind imagines great things when it is ideal. That’s why I love seeing you bored!

Father’s Day Confession 5# I will let you struggle.

I know this sounds hurtful, but I cannot let you live in over-gratification of things. Life, my son, isn’t a bed of roses. It is through your struggles that you will learn, that you will derive and achieve. While I will be right with you should you need me, some fights my son, shall be yours to fight. 
Father’s Day Confession 6# I might just ignore your school scores.

Let me make it very clear. Pay attention and study. Learn all that you can. Keep your mind open to receiving. But don’t worry over ranks. Success is not in those numbers. It is what you will achieve eventually. So take the moment, look at things around you, and steer beyond the obvious. Soon you might see that where you walked alone, people are now following you. Believe in yourself. 


Father’s Day Confession 7# I cry sometimes.

Yes I do. Just like you and mom feel sad, hurt and pain, I do too. And it is ok to show it. Your mom is a strong woman and she accepts my weakness with love. Society may create this image of men being tough, not showing their feelings, but remember; it is important to show and share what you feel.  So no matter how old you become, be honest about your feelings. 

Father’s Day Confession 8# I love pink too.

I love the colour pink. And it suits you a lot. So wear it. Don’t let colours blind your perception of you. Don’t let the silliness of society’s ideas stop you. And give life all you have while taking all it has to give. Be confident. Be brave.

And always remember, I love you buddy!


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