12 Free Apps for Kids That Are Worth Installing

12 Free Apps for Kids That Are Worth Installing

19 Jun 2016 | 4 min Read

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There is always benefit in interactive learning as long as there is a balance.  So I must say I do allow my kids exposure to the apps within reasonable measure. If I didn’t, then I would perhaps be ignoring the technological advancement in the field of education.  So here is a list of some of the apps we totally use in our home!

Role Play Apps

Doctor Kids (Buzau)

It is the traditional ‘Doctor-Patient’ game on an app! It tells the kids about the clinic, treating patients suffering from disease and about reaching out to a doctor in time of need. There’s an ambulance in place, mini games to make treatments fun and lots more and several exciting injuries to be treated by the ‘little doctors!’



Cake Maker Kids (Bubadu)

If your little one has a penchant for baking, this one will be fun. You can choose shapes, cake toppings and much more. It does not offer a major element of challenge and hence, the younger kids will really enjoy it. You may need to pay for some of the more advanced stages to be unlocked. You can have a little party everyday with this one!



Number Apps 

Kids Numbers and Math (Intelljoy Education Games for Kids)

From basic counting to addition and subtraction, this app is great for number learning. The puzzles are fun too.



Kids Math – Kindergarten (Ramky Tech Education) 

This is a creative approach towards teaching the kids maths. With numbers from 1-30, matching games, sequencing and more, this app is suitable for the slightly older kids.  



Pre-School Math (4Brain Studio) 

By the time your child has gotten familiar with this app, he would have also learnt a good amount about number recognition, counting, comparison of numbers, addition and subtraction. It has great sound effects, animations and artwork. It is quite a delight for the viewers. 



Reading Apps

Star fall (Star fall Education Foundation) 

I love this one. It makes literacy so much fun. It is a comprehensive app which features Maths of varied levels, English beginning with phonics and graduating to more complicated concepts and also some general knowledge. 



Phonics and Reading I Lite (Literacysoft.com)

This one works very well for learning phonics. It does not have very fancy graphics, but the pronunciations are bang on! It has crisp and clear word constructions and some nice interactive elements. 



Learn to read – Monkey Junior (Early Start Co.Ltd)

This is one of the most comprehensive learning apps I have come across. Spanning several levels of English language learning, it is very popular with kids. There’s teaching, re-collection and has zero or almost zero advertisements. 



Story Apps 

iStory Books

This is a beautiful story app for kids and kindles the love for story reading. Their pages flip over automatically and the reading is well spaced out.



Thinking skills Apps 

Dino Puzzle Games for Kids (Titan Games)

This one has little dino-related puzzles in it. Kids will love the varied difficulty levels, interactive features and exploring the challenges. The graphics are the cutest ever!



Trip to The Zoo

His one brings the zoo home to the kids. It stimulates the child’s intellect and provides on the insight about how zoos work. It allows thinking skills while attempting to fix the tractor, feed the animals and similar more tasks.  I recommend this because animals and zoos are normally close to kids. The App teaches cause and effect very well.



Game for KIDS: KIDS match’em (Vomasoft)

This app works very well for developing concentration and memory skills of kids. It prompts logic too. With a variety of images varying from furry creatures to cartoons to vehicles, this app is a great one to install. 



Let your kids have some tech-savvy fun sometimes!

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