How the book – ‘Dancing the Dance’ helped me hum away my blues?

How the book – ‘Dancing the Dance’ helped me hum away my blues?

21 Jun 2016 | 4 min Read

Rhituparna Mitra

Author | 19 Articles

Introduced to me by a friend, this book didn’t appeal to me at the first go. It doesn’t have any information at the outset or any interesting know-how or story that you might expect from a book. To put it simply, I kept it aside for a while till I was very low one day. I picked it up from the tea table and began randomly flipping through its pages.

My eyes read “It is not your fault, you are doing the best you can at any given moment”. Believe me, that’s all I needed for the time being. The page ended saying “If you experience challenging moments with your baby and blame yourself for the results, it would be unfair. It is no one’s fault so grow up and stop beating yourself up.” As a mother, many of us go through the same feelings many TIMES a day.  Don’t we when we just need someone to tell us this?

On another day, I had an argument with my in-laws and better half as to why a certain thing was right for our baby. The whole world seemed to be against me. Quite disappointed, I went to bed with this book that night. My karma had it that I stopped at the page which read “be unapologetic, you are on the right path’”. It explained – “Tell Yourself in many quiet moments that you indeed are on the right path. Knowing this truth will set you free from unnecessary guilt and SEEMINGLY missed opportunities.”

Gradually, I realized that this book could calm you down, balm your wounds or offer you that much needed strength just before you are wilting! Most importantly, it has something for all your moods, for most common situations that are likely to trouble you or even those times when you are ecstatic and don’t know what to do with it.

It also reinforces some basics of life like – be honest, be confident, music helps, enjoy your exercise, enjoy the little moments and so on…

You might ask why should we read about these things. When we exactly falter on these is when we get stuck in unpleasant circumstances. Overall it is a light and quick read, but it can have a powerful impact on you when you let your soul connect with the words!

My favourite (especially with regard to motherhood) – “delegation is good for your health. It is safe to trust. There will always be things to do and there is no limit on how much you can take care of yourself to complete. If you think of a baby as work and keep ticking of the list of tasks, very soon there will be a need for break time, my time, your time, no time and so on. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to really enjoy your baby.  You will need all your attention focused here and therefore delegation is very much required. Once you get comfortable with the help, you will recognise it was a WISE choice.”

So go ahead and get your copy, if you are a parent, as it’s nearly impossible that you will not GO through these flurry of emotions. To put simply, this book will help you take care of yourself when no one else is around. 

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