5 Child Friendly International Airlines you could explore for your travel

5 Child Friendly International Airlines you could explore for your travel

23 Jun 2016 | 6 min Read

Balaka Basu

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As a mom, my biggest fear while travelling is how to manage my son during long haul flights. Kids tend to get restless during long flights. It is very important to keep them engaged during the journey and also keep them nourished and hydrated. Here are few airlines that make travelling with kids a joy!

1. Emirates provides world class facilities for children. Children are given soft toys with names like ‘Enrico the monkey’, ‘Peek U the panda’, ‘Lewis the lion’ and ‘Leila the camel’. 

For Infants, they have “Fly With Me” magazine that is full of puzzles. It comes with a set of coloured pencils that they can take home. Infant care kit filled with useful essentials like nappies, bibs and wipes are provided. Bassinets are also available. You can choose from a range of cooked baby meals, or if you’d prefer to bring your own, cabin crew will help you with food and bottle warming.

Emirates has teamed up with the travel experts at Lonely Planet Kids to create packs that inspire older children to explore more of the world which include travel-themed bags filled with educational books. Kids can pop on their brightly coloured headphones and choose from a huge collection of Disney favourites, the latest kid’s TV shows and popular cartoons. They can play from a range of exciting in-flight games on their entertainment system, ICE. The crew even clicks a photo and gives a framed photo which can be taken home.

Young flyers between two and 12 years old will get a snack box filled with treats to enjoy along the journey. If your child has a special diet, inform them when you book and they will serve a meal that’s right for them.

Source: emirates.com 

2. Etihaad’s “Flying Nannies” are a dedicated flight crew who get special childcare training approved by the UK’s renowned childcare training college. These specialized flight attendants wear bright-orange aprons and accompany families from the gate to the seat to make boarding easier, help prepare bassinets, and keep children entertained with puppets, face painting, magic tricks, and art and craft through the duration of the flight. The service is free and available on all long-haul flights. Specially prepared nutritious and fun meals for kids are also on offer, in addition to a bottle-warming service and a limited supply of baby food.

The kids section features animated characters: Zoe the bee, Jamool the camel, Kundai the lion, and Boo the panda. Every child over 3 years receives their own children’s pack of games, activity books and stickers to help keep boredom at bay.

Source: etihad.com

3. Lufthansa have a special kid’s menu with hilariously named items such as “Tiger Tail” (chicken & veggie-filled pancakes) and “Pirates Hand” (fish sticks and cabbage). The Lufthansa Family Service provides a personal guide to help families navigate the Frankfurt and Munich airports, helping them to gates, baggage claims, hotels, rental cars and restaurants.  

Also available are baby food and bottle warming facilities on long haul flights. Free children’s meals can be ordered up to 24 hours ahead of time. Colouring book with crayons, puzzles, card games are provided onboard.

On long-haul flights special baby cots are available. Lufthansa carries baby food on all its flights. Water for the bottle is available on board. Flight attendants also warm the baby’s bottle, and glasses, too. There are changing tables in the washrooms on board. Baby’s push chair can be taken right up to the aircraft door. Families with children are among the first passengers to board the aircraft. 

Small toys for kids are available.

Colourful children’s food made made from fresh ingredients is presented in a way that really appeals to the child. Meals for babies and infants – such as baby food, mini sausages and soups – are also available on board Lufthansa flights.

Source: lufthansa.com

4. Qatar Airways hosts Baby TV channel, music for the young soul, leading video games for lively children and educational programs. They have the very first dual-screen interface, onboard all A350, A380 and B787 aircraft, where your child will be able to multitask — like play a game while watching a movie.

 Parents travelling with infants will have access to special kit, which includes diapers, baby food jars, a bottle and soft toys. The little ones will get to meet Mr. Potato Head and the Hasbro gaming team to keep them company throughout the flight. The creative and educational kits that come with crayons, stickers, and an activity book filled with puzzles, fun facts, and colouring pages keep children entertained. Infants receive a sleepy-time Mr. Potato Head soft plush with an interactive eye mask to encourage positive sleep habits and endless peek-a-boo play. Kid’s meal is fresh and tasty, including fruit juice, and sweet treats to get even the picky eater munching away. 

Source: qatarairways.com

5. Airways has got “Skyflyers” activity packs which include a fun little log book allowing kids to record their travels and collect a signature from the captain of the flight. The packs come in swimming bags, which are perfect for children to fly the flag. For children between three and five years old, the pack contains crayons and a ‘Spread your Wings’ colouring book featuring Cuthbert the Cat. 

They also have Infant seats and bassinets and help warm baby food or bottles. The airline has a “feed kids first” policy to make sure kids get their meals before they freak out. Kids have great choices too, such as chocolate-covered fruit. They also make sure there’s plenty of fruits and vegetables in every meal.

Source: britishairways.com

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