Fun ways to learn the Alphabet: Let’s MOVE over to letter M!

Fun ways to learn the Alphabet: Let’s MOVE over to letter M!

Hello parents! This week, we are going to dive in to learn some easy, hands-on activities focused on letter M! 

We began by reviewing few objects that begin with letter M – so we have miniatures of a monkey, moon, milk, mushroom and moose! This is a great way for the child to know about the initial letter sounds. 

We also traced our sandpaper letters:

 Next, we decorated letter M with some washi tape. Fun cutting and pasting work :-)

 After that, we went through our letter of the week poster and folder with pictures / picture cards of objects starting from letter M.

Next, M is for magnets – so we adorned the uppercase / lowercase letter M with smiley magnets! I just taped the dot printable on the magnetic board and my son had fun time putting the magnets on the circles :-)

M is also for marbles! So we did a fun marble transferring activity. There is something magical about the clinking sound of the marbles, that makes this activity a lot more engaging for the child. 

M is for Mirror. I set up a fun mirror cleaning work for my son. I gave him a tray with a water sprayer and a dusting cloth. Endless fun!!! 

M is for mixing! Something that most children love to do – mish, mash, jumble, rumble! So I put together a fun tray with certain kitchen ingredients and mixing bowls. We ended up doing a fun sous chef pretend play! Don’t ask what all things we ended up cooking – but it was a big cocktail  If your child still mouths non-edible items, I would reckon to keep only safe, non-choking, edible items.

 M is also for music! So I brought out this tray of all our musical instruments and we had a fun jamming session :-)

M is for mosquitoes…(Ughh) – and we don’t like them! I mean who likes them?!

 So we decided to shoo them away with a fun practical life work. I pasted some mosquito photos on a chart paper. Gave a homemade mosquito repellant spray to my son (this was nothing but a concoction of water, vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. It smelled so good!). And my son had fun time spraying at the mosquitos and getting rid of them :-)

For fun art work, we ended up doing tape resist painting in the shape of letter M. This was an absolute hit!

M is also for Moon – One of the favorites of most of the children :-) so we ended up doing a fun, informal moon-themed unit. First where we traced the Moon. 

Next, we did some Moon painting – for this I mixed white paint with some wheat flour to get the “realistic” look :-)

My son (3.5 years) is also showing a lot of interest in phases of Moon! So I created these DIY cards for him too :-) I used black cardstock paper and white acrylic paint to make these!

 And lastly, M is also for movement. So we drew a big letter M with chalk outdoors. We walked on it, jumped around it and hopped! 

 So that pretty much concludes our letter ‘M’ works for this week. Let me know if you have any queries and I would love to answer them. 

I will leave you with my letter M video, along with the video for Moon-themed unit study which has all the details. 

Moon unit study: 

M is also for Montessori (something that we are so grateful for!) – so to celebrate the spirit of Montessori I also filmed a video on why we love it so much, in case you would like to have a look! 

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