Homeopathic remedies for children for 4 common ailments

Homeopathic remedies for children for 4 common ailments

A pediatrician’s place in a new parent’s life is probably as close as God - for the health and safety of our little bundle of joy far outweighs anything else in the world, more so in the baby’s first year of life! It becomes so much of a habit that we tend to run to him for every drop that comes out of his nose! A simple sneeze of your kid, due to his after school fun time, does not always require you transporting him straight to your paediatrician. It’s a waste of time and effort, for you, your kids as well as your doctor. Instead, there are certain homeopathic remedies that you can easily stock at home and use for minor (not-so-severe) ailments. In case your kid’s symptoms prevail for more than two days, then please rush to your paediatrician. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the very helpful compositions that you can always rely on.


Is your kid blowing the roof with his or her cold?

Cold essentially is nothing, but your body’s natural immunity responding to either viruses or weather changes like humidity differences. While some colds can be a sign of more serious things like flu, most generally go away in a day or two. If your kids feel quite uncomfortable from conditions like running nose and uncontrollable sneezing, then you can use homeopathic composition - Allium Cepa 200, 4 times a day.
Read a senior pediatrician’s advice on measures to take during common cold and cough.


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Has washroom become the sole companion of your Kids? (Diarrhoea) 

We all know that the food we eat, or the water we drink, can be contaminated at times. This often leads to something quite unpleasant, known as, loose motions or Diarrhoea. If it is not too severe, it can be contained by homeopathic remedies. In case of these symptoms, the first thing you should do, is stop milk immediately and switch to an extremely light diet, with oral rehydrated solutions like Electral forming a major chunk of it, as they are an excellent source of much needed nutrients and minerals which the body is loosing out on. You can give soya milk, 3-4 tablespoonsful daily, but not more than that. You can surely give fresh fruit juices, but no raw food under any circumstance and the most effective homeopathic composition here is Podophyllum 200. Give 5 pills of this, at 2 hour intervals until your child feels better. Play some indoor games with your child to make him/her feel better.


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Your kids vomiting like roller-coaster addicts?

While vomiting can be the symptom for a wide varied of diseases, most kids suffer vomiting due to either some miscreant in the food or over consumption of something or stomach infections. You can treat this at home, with the composition given should be Ipecac 200 (same dosage as for Podophyllum 200 in case of Diarrhoea). If severity persists for more than 2 days, then please visit your paediatrician.

Are Injuries stopping your kids from being a superhero? 

Kids love to play and it is the best tool for learning  for them. Yet they can suffer injuries which should merit your attention. Any deep wound requires immediate immunization from Tetanus within 24 hours. While other injuries don’t require that, all wounds must be washed thoroughly and any bleeding stopped. It is also quite advisable to apply ice pack over the affected region. The common homeopathic remedy for this is Arnica 500. Give 5 pills of this every hour to your kids, for around 2 to 3 days. Based on the severity of the injury like in case of bleeding from the nose, ruptured lips, or head injury, requires you to the rush to the pediatrician at the earliest (as soon as you have taken First Aid measures). 


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