Healthy Evening Snacks for your Little Munchkin!

Healthy Evening Snacks for your Little Munchkin!

When hunger pangs come knocking on your lil one's tummy, having a healthy, yet yummy snack at hand is an order! To not choose from one among those ready-to-eat snack options stacked up in supermarkets, is wisdom. Being a mom to a 4-year-old rambunctious girl who always seems to be hungry, I need to have snacks ready up my sleeve. At home, we love cut fruits, homemade cupcakes and cookies and the occasional store bought biscuits. Though not a fan of ready-to-eat snacks, I still wanted to give Munchkins Box a try when I learnt that they offer a healthy snack delivery service for children. 


First look of the Box: 

A cute little colourful box, looking like a munchkin monster, was delivered to my house. It got my daughter curious too. The box came with an assortment of two sweet and two savoury treats, portioned well in individual packets. All products are sealed very well, which helps in keeping snacks fresh for months, and without the ‘evil’ chemical preservatives. 


Snack 1: Buttery Bran Biscuits (Bran Gems Biscuits) 

Main Ingredients: Enriched flour, Semisweet Chocolate, Soybean, Eggs, Gum Arabic, Wheat, Gems

What is it: These were bran biscuits with gems and a little chocolate or cocoa on them. I really couldn't figure out how they looked until I saw the picture on the website because the ones sent were broken. So I was a bit disappointed. 

Our take: There were, I guess 3 cookies (couldn’t tell as they were broken). The portion was enough for a one-time snack. The minute my daughter spotted the gems, she jumped right in (I wasn’t very happy with them though). They were buttery; I could taste the bran element in it. These will definitely come handy while traveling or while at a movie. Basically these are a SOS snack. 


Source: Munchkins Box


Snack 2: Potato Pops (Roasted Potato Crips)

Main Ingredients: Potato, Salt, Milk Solids,  a pinch if edible oil.

What is it: Well, these were my daughter's second favourite snack. They are roasted and not deep fried compared to regular chips that you get. 

Our take: Portion was enough for a 4-year-old. We both found it salty, but it didn’t stop my daughter from gorging on them, had to distract her from having it all at one go. Compared to regular oily chips, these were a notch better. The only thing to watch out for is the sodium levels so not a great idea to eat up all at once (anyway it’s meant for the whole week). 


Source: Munchkins Box


Snack 3: Nutritious Nilla Crunchers (Organic Vanilla Bar)

Main Ingredients: Almonds Kathi, Honey, Puffed Brown Rice, Raisins, Dates, Brown sugar, Soya flour, Vanilla powder, Flax seed, Sesame.

What is it: These tiny, chewy little pieces of crunchy bites of heaven were yummy! Ironically, this was my daughter's least favourite one. They looked like small pieces of 'chikki' or peanut sweets that your local store sells.

Our take: I was pretty impressed with the quantity, quite a good portion to fight those small hunger pangs; it sure did chase mine away. They are actually chewy because of raisins and dates. The crunchiness packs a good taste, thanks to the right mix of cereal and nuts. Mixed together with brown sugar, these taste delicious. With such power packed ingredients in them, I would definitely give these to my kid.


Source: Munchkins Box


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Snack 4: Tangy Tomato Crisps (Smoked Pita Chips)

Main Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Yeast, Cheese powder, oats, Sesame seeds, flax seeds, nigella seeds, dehydrated vegetable powder, mixed spices.

What is it: These are classic tangy tomato chips, though it wasn't clearly mentioned it looked roasted definitely not deep fried. 

Our take: The quantity was good, in fact, it was more than needed for a one-time snack. The crisps were tangy and had a slight cheesiness to it. My daughter relished it, especially after eating the Nilla crunchers, she relished every bite. Compared to regular tomato chips from leading brands, this maybe be a slightly healthier option. 


Source: Munchkins Box


When we tried a few of them after a couple of days, they still tasted fresh. You may want to try them out if you are trying to get your kid off a current junk food habit or you are unable to offer fresh, homemade evening snacks or, you are on the move. 

Do check the ingredients before using to rule out any allergies. They do have a lot of other products as well. To place an order, check the click here .

The author was given a product sample for the purpose of review.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Munchkins Box 



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