A guide to babywearing through just 5 simple videos!

A guide to babywearing through just 5 simple videos!

13 Jul 2016 | 3 min Read

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Baby wearing is not a new fad rather it’s a very ancient and time-tested practice of carrying your little angels of love close to you, a common practice across many pastoral and nomadic cultures. It’s awesome as it strengthens and secures the emotional bond between mommy and her baby, helps you lactate better, helps you go hands-free and even while having baby snugly attached to you. If done right, it will never hurt your back, and you will get it right with a little bit of practice. In fact Dads too, can carry your bundles of happiness with aplomb. To drive out all your fears regarding baby wearing, watch these 5 amazing videos. They will make baby wearing simpler than frying an egg. 


Carry with care: How to keep your baby safe in a sling 

For a pleasant and secure baby wearing experience, just follow the TICKS approach. To know more, watch this video showing ‘How to keep your baby safe in a sling’


Source: FairTradingQLD

How to tie a Baby Wrap Using a cloth

It’s all about the right folds & wraps. This video shows in great detail how you how to tie a wrap style baby carrier using a 10 feet cloth (soft, cotton baby wrap).


Source: My Smart Hands




Baby wearing in Cotton sari

This is a very interesting one on folding a comfortable, cotton saree into a baby wrap. The lady talks in Marathi showing her own baby in the video. So even if you don’t understand Marathi, the video is pretty self-explanatory.


Source: MuktaSharad Bhave

How to use the Anmol Hybrid Wrap

In India, a number of quality baby wearing accessories are available now, like the ergonomically designed and colourful Anmol Wraps. Watch this video, to understand how to use an Anmol wrap even before you buy one. If you have already used one, review them here.


Source: Anmol Baby Carriers


Wearing a newborn baby in a Ring Sling

Rings do have the power to carry our souls. For example, the proprietor of Soul ring slings, shows you how to wear a 4 months old baby (applies to newborn babies as well) using a Ring sling carrier.


Source: Soul Baby Carriers


So go ahead and fetch the carrier of your choice! Some of the Indian brands offering carriers are – Anmol Baby Wraps, Soul Ring Sling, Zolis, Zablas and more, Cookiie Pie Co, Cuddle n Care, Reshma Custom Creations, Easy Feel Products, Twinkles Baby accessories, Cuddlicious with Zeenat, T&S – Threads & Shuttles 

Simply Snuggle Slings, Bonky Baby, Amaradhvi’s, Klingaru Baby Carriers

You can also rent a carrier from places like: babywearingstuff.co

As someone has elucidated beautifully.


Source: Pinterest


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