5 must-hear lullabies for your baby to ‘sleep like a baby’!

5 must-hear lullabies for your baby to ‘sleep like a baby’!

One of the most popular synonyms of parenthood is sleepless night. That’s so because your baby doesn’t sleep well - Apart from core reasons like colic in babies, or any other discomfort which need to be addressed separately, sleep training in babies is a subject of its own. One of the things that are universally known for soothing babies to good sleep - are good lullabies. Thanks to technology, we have access to some really soft, calming lullabies, which could even put you to sleep!

We have handpicked these 5 amazing lullaby compilations and hope your babies like them... 


2 hours of gentle lullabies for babies 

This compilation is packed with soft beats, wafting through the air like the gentle hum of a hummingbird. Its relaxing tunes make it the perfect sleep music for the colickiest of babies. Play it in the nursery after dimming the lights, for maximum effect .


Source: Baby Sleep Music


4 hours of Brahms Baby Lullabies 

Johannes Brahms is known all over the world for being one of the most phenomenal masters of classical romantic music. His tunes have a magical effect on babies too. Maybe it has a lot to do with the clarity of notes in his compositions. So, do play this to your baby for a good night’s sleep. 



Source: Baby Relax Channel


Twinkle Twinkle Little stars 

This rocking compilation of all the classic lullabies will be a sure-fire hit with your tennie-weenies. The voices have deep textures, making it ideally suitable for your bundle of love to fall asleep like a bat even during the daytime. It’s short, but perfect when your baby can’t take that much needed afternoon nap!



Source: HooplaKidz TV 


12 lullaby for babies to go to sleep 

This compilation may seem quite long, but it keeps your baby calm and happy for a long time, especially if he or she is hyperactive or suffering from reflexes. 



Source: Lullaby world 


4 hours Mozart Lullabies for babies 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s name should be known to everyone. This Master of drama and waltzes left a revolutionary impact on every aspect of Western classical music. He created the most  simple yet exquisitely melodious compositions that are loved by everyone, especially babies. In fact, Mozart’s lullabies have been scientifically proven to be the most effective too! 



Source: Baby relax channel  


There are various other compilations that you can try out, but these 5 mentioned above are  better than the best. So play them often until your baby has a choice of its own already! 


Source: Pinterest


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