Learn something NEW with letter N!

Hi, Parents! Hope you are enjoying our weekly series of learning letters in a fun way. If you have just joined in, check out the previous posts here: Letter ALetter BLetter CLetter DLetter ELetter FLetter GLetter HLetter ILetter JLetter KLetter LLetter M

This week, we are over to letter N, so let’s get started! 

Here is an overview of our shelf:

We started with tracing the sandpaper letters:

Another great way of reinforcing the letter shapes is by using dot printables (you can download these on my blog, the link to which you will find in the YouTube description) –you can ask the child to colour the circles with dot markers or crayons. You can even ask your child to place clay /pom poms /flat marbles on the circles. 

N stands for  newspaper, and my son loves anything to do with cutting and pasting! So we adorned the uppercase and lowercase letter N with strips of newspapers (we cut & glued them). 

We also went through letter N poster and folder containing  picture/picture cards of letter N:

We also read a very interesting book called “goodnight Tinku” (this book is from Pratham), to reinforce this concept.☺

N is also for North American animals. There are so many animals that the child may have not usually heard about, but would be interested in seeing their photos or figurines. Through our letter of the week series, I try to introduce my 3.5-year-old to such new/interesting  concepts. 

Another practical life activity that we did was – crushing nuts (N is for nuts, right?!). I gave him our steel mortar and pestle and this sure was his most favourite activity of the lot! 

Next was some math and counting work! N is for number 9 – for this, we practised using our peg board (this one is from the brand eduedge).

N is also for nest – I created some fun nest-themed counting cards. We used some easter/wooden eggs that we counted and placed in the nests! 

So that is our round-up for letter N activities!

Hope you got some ideas to keep your child engaged at home this rainy season  - you can use these ideas not just to teach letters, but for so many other concepts and activities! Leave in a comment on the APP if you have any queries or share your experiences here.

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