Foolproof Exercises That Are Sure to Make You a Fit Mom-to-be!

Pregnancy is no excuse to turn yourself into a slob. In fact, it gives you even more reasons to stay fit especially if you want a safe and happy childbirth, and every Hollywood & Bollywood celebrity swears by its effectiveness. So start feeling good right away.

Now is also the appropriate time to bust the silliest myth about pregnancy, which is ‘No Exercise during pregnancy’.  Wisdom, rather, lies in working out the ‘right’ muscles during your pregnancy. Exercise for atleast 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to ensure ‘All is Well’!

To elaborate further, exercise during pregnancy has awesome benefits like:

  • Builds stamina for childbirth
  • Helps you cope with the stress of labor
  • Improves your confidence thus reducing chances of depression
  • Ensures you sleep like a baby
  • So exercise during pregnancy is awesome, after all you should never stop loving yourself, and the dream inside you.




Here are some exercise forms that you can choose from: 

Pre-natal yoga

Source:Prana Yoga School


It's the most stress-free and comfortable way to stay fit. It helps you stay flexible and fit. It also helps minimise your muscle strain that is natural during pregnancy and it smoothens your breathing making it more regular and efficient.


Kegel Exercises




These exercises help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which in turn, help during the process of delivery. Try it out for a happy labor experience.


Abdominal exercises


Source :Momjunction


These exercises reduce the incidence of back pain during pregnancy by strengthening the back and shoulder muscles.Try it out for a backache free pregnancy.


Stretching exercises 




These exercises boost your blood circulation tremendously besides controlling back pain during pregnancy. They deserve to be a part of your fitness regimen.


Pregnancy squats


Source: newkidz centre.


Pregnancy squats are another cool thing you can do during pregnancy. It's super amazing as it gives your baby maximum space to move inside the womb and also opens and stretches the pelvic muscles, which goes a long way in easing labor.


Cardio Workouts


Source: stylesatlife


Cardio exercises, like running, swimming and others also play a key role in maintaining a fit bod during pregnancy. It also increases your heart rate, improves blood supply to your baby, and prevents backaches and abdominal pain. So it's better that you go cardio for overall fitness.


Wall push- ups


Source: Vitaminfoodpro  


Wall push ups are essentially strength exercises that help in toning up your arm muscles besides strengthening your leg and back during the first two trimesters of your pregnancy. 




Source: Shannonmiller


Lunges help in strengthening your pelvic  and abdominal muscles and also give your knees and calf muscles some exercise so that they can take the increasing weight of you and your baby.


Here are also some tips to help you have the best workout ever :

  • “Don't exhaust yourself and slow down to suit your pregnancy.
  • Remembering the idiom that exercise “doesn't have to be strenuous” is crucial here.
  • Always “warm up” before exercising and cool down afterwards. 
  • If you go to exercise classes, make sure your teacher is properly qualified and inform them that you are pregnant, no need to show your heroics here. 
  • Try to keep active on a daily basis – half an hour of walking each day can be enough, any amount is at least better than nothing.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise in really hot weather.
  • Drink plenty of water and other fluids. 


Thus you have so many options to stay fit during pregnancy. So wear your gym pants again and start working out. It's the best thing that you will ever do, for yourself and your baby, alongside following a healthy and nutritious diet. 


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I am 17 week pregnant and I am advised to take full bed rest. since I have a history of two early miscarriage, and during 16 week regular check up doc found some fluid at cervix so they admitted me, but all my report came as normal, scan also showed cervix is closed, so no clue what was that found fluid. hence m on bed rest. my cervix is 3 cm. due to this I cannot walk also
please advise.

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This is just in time

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I wish I knew this before


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This is so well written.


This is so well written.

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