Can’t See Your Own Feet? Make Care And Caution Your Second Nature From Now on!

Can’t See Your Own Feet? Make Care And Caution Your Second Nature From Now on!

By the third trimester, the last leg of your journey with the baby inside you, you are almost there, ready to welcome your baby to this world! You are excited and anxious, busy preparing everything for your baby. However, the last trimester can be quite tricky with its own set of challenges so watch out and take the right precautions:


Your baby’s Movements are the most Important

By the third trimester, your baby is becoming bigger and stronger. Make sure you feel your baby’s movements all along into labor. Once you cross the 36th week, start maintaining a fetal kick count diary, where each day after your meal, you should watch out for at least 10 kicks, rolls, swishes from your baby in a span of two to three hours. If on any day, you don’t feel your baby moving, immediately call your doctor and inform.


Be careful of Pre-eclampsia

Preeclampsia happens when your Placenta doesn’t work properly.  It is mainly caused due to high blood pressure and increased levels of protein in your urine. If you are getting severe headaches, have blurred vision, swollen hands, and feet, call your doctor immediately, for they might be signs of preeclampsia.


Avoid Backaches at all cost

Your back is already under strain due to your bump and softened ligaments, so it is advisable to avoid any extra strain by not carrying or lifting any heavy object. Second-time mothers should also avoid carrying their toddlers.


Avoid heavy meals

It is advisable to take small meals every 2 hours instead of having a bumper meal at one go.


A strict no-no to high heels

 Avoid wearing high heels in the third trimester, as this causes back pain. Wear comfortable flat shoes instead.


Not the right time for an adrenaline rush 

You may be an out and out adventure junkie, but avoid such activities like climbing, hiking, etc during your third trimester, as they can challenge your pregnancy a bit.


Don’t go on a high octane workout!

Staying fit during pregnancy is awesome, especially prenatal Yoga but please skip heavy exercises. Go for prenatal exercises instead under the supervision of a certified instructor. Here are the yoga poses that are good for you.


Avoid long hours at work

Avoid working for too long as this may lead to exhaustion. Take a small break after each hour to sit down and relax, and if possible lie down. You can also practice meditation and deep breathing during your breaks.


Avoid heavy chores at homes

Don’t do heavy work at home and seek help, if required.


Keep a watch at your Discharge

Vaginal discharge will increase in the third trimester. If you see any bleeding or a change in the color of your vaginal discharge, immediately notify your doctor. If there is a gush of water, it could be that your water bag (amniotic sac) has broken. 

Nutritious diet and necessary levels of hydration are important at all times. Continue exercising till your d-day for a safe, pleasant and happy childbirth and a normal baby!


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