9 Smart tools for Breastfeeding which can make feeding easier!

9 Smart tools for Breastfeeding which can make feeding easier!

1 Aug 2016 | 3 min Read

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For those moments during breastfeeding when you feel low, you are in pain or are reluctant to feed in public, these tools will come in handy.

Breast Pumps (Manual/Electric)

Breast pumps can be useful if you are planning to resume work after a short maternity break or have given birth to a premature baby, by helping you to store your milk beforehand. There are many brands available today in stores like Babyoye, but use it only if you really require it, as no pump can ever mimic the natural feeding patterns to the T.



Feeding Pillow

A Nursing pillow is essentially a u-shaped soft pillow that you can use as support while you are feeding your baby. It helps you save your back.You can purchase feeding pillows from a number of premium mother-baby care stores, some of which have a comprehensive selection of size and colours to choose from.



Nipple Shields

Made of odourless, ultra-fine silicone, nipple shields are generally used to protect cracked nipples but please don’t use them without the guidance of your doctor or lactation consultant as causal usage might play havoc with your natural breastfeeding rhythms. You can look for the right nipple shield at baby product stores which offer high quality goods. 



Nipple Pullers

Babies breastfeed not ‘nipple feed’ so the shape and size of your nipple shouldn’t really affect your nursing relationship, but a flat or inverted nipple can sometimes cause latching problems leading to issues like soreness of nipples. Nipple pullers can come to your rescue. Again, seek expert help to do it right.



Nipple Creams 

If you experience pain, bleeding , or cracked nipples after the first few weeks of breastfeeding then opt for nipple creams, as they contain mainly lanolin, a non-toxic and  highly effective natural lubricant. 




Hydrogel Pads 

Most mothers may experience tenderness of nipples during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Hydrogel pads help check that and prevent further soreness. They also act as heat sinks, protecting the affected parts of your areolas and nipples. Good quality pads are available at Babyoye stores.



Disposable Breast Pads 

If you are a new mum experiencing leakage of your milk, then disposable breast pads are the thing for you.  Disposable pads are better than normal nursing pads in managing leakage as they are made up of super absorbent material. They are also hygienic and require no maintenance. Alternatively, you can also choose to donate your excess milk to a Milk Bank.



Nursing Bras and slips

Nursing Bras come in extremely handy during breastfeeding as they are designed specially to handle the vast changes that occur in your breasts during and after pregnancy. Such bras are generally made of soft breathable cotton without any underwire making them comfortable. Go through a good selection of such bras and slips in different shapes and sizes to get the best fit.



Nursing Wraps & Gowns

Nursing wraps and gowns help you breastfeed in public discreetly and comfortably. These wraps provide  a unique 360-degree coverage during the day and can be worn in many different styles and are perfectly safe for your baby. Stores like BabyOye offer you a wide variety of styles and colours to select from.


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