A Mom who wrote MBA exams while Breastfeeding

Who knew I could appear for 19 MBA papers in 2 months while exclusively breastfeeding my 2-month-old baby. It was already more than 3 years since I had enrolled  myself in an MBA program with a reputed college, but blame it on my flying schedule or my laziness, I didn't give any of the 19 exams and 19 assignments.

Then I got pregnant, all the more reason for me to give up the hope of doing it. I initially thought I would complete all the exams during pregnancy, but now I had another thing to blame it on, my super duper morning sickness. Soon I almost forgot about it and gave up. Immediately after my daughter's birth, my husband and I shifted to Delhi, which happens to be my city (my mommy and my siblings being there). I was high on life but had no clue about what a roller coaster ride I was going to experience soon.

Just when I was struggling with the early motherhood blues, my younger brother woke up and shook me up. He and I had both started the MBA program together, and just like me, he too woke up last moment and made me realize that we had just two months to finish the program.

At first, I laughed at him and told him to forget about it as how on earth I would be able to study now? I was a full term Breastfeeding mother now; A sleepless mommy, a tired mommy, a zombie mommy. I had a 40-day old girl to care for. Trust me! I had no clue how to go about it, but my brother trusted me more than myself. He pushed me hard and convinced me to go for it.

Now came the most difficult part. We designed a schedule. Well! Not actually. I just opened my books which were still packed and started to study. I used to study while breastfeeding, while cleaning poopoos, or when my baby was sleeping.

I had just a week now to hit the road. My brother and I booked our exam dates. I was scared of how I would manage, but my mom convinced me that if I pump and store some breast milk, she would feed my girl while I go for my exams. We started off with three exams a week to six in a week. On certain days we had to give two exams too, just so that we could finish them as soon as possible.
For two days, my daughter was with my mom at home, while I went for my exams, but to my hard luck, my girl simply refused to be fed by her. So my mom came up with another great idea. We decided to take my girl along to the examination center. My mom or my sister used to sit in the car, while I would go inside and give my exam. The Examiner knew about my situation and agreed to give his phone number so my mom could ring him whenever my girl would cry in hunger, he would then allow me to take a break to step out and feed my girl in the car.

It was one of the best experience of my life. With great help from my family, I did something that I never thought I could, especially with a two-month-old Breastfeeding baby in my life. All this was possible with the help of my brother, mommy, and sister and great support from my husband.

I am glad I did it. I'm glad that motherhood gave me the strength and courage to do it. I'm glad I was no longer lazy in life. I'm glad I took this challenge and came out with flying colors.

So if you have a dream, go for it, mommies. A child is never a hindrance, she/he rather gives you so much strength that you can’t ever imagine. Go out. Just do it.

After becoming a mommy, go ahead and live your dream, there’s always a way you can work things out. If you decide to be a stay-at-home mom, go ahead and do it, consider this time as your ME time. Do things that you always wanted to do. Things that you couldn't do with your study and work schedule. Trust me, it isn't that difficult!

Make your child your strength, and step out. It's never too late.
Wishing you all a very happy mommyhood. 

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Comments (17)

Bhavana Ramdas

Wonderful write up! You have been a super mom.. I don't know you but your achievement is making me proud and feel happy.. Very inspiring write up!

Preet @mylittlemuffin_mom

Thanks a lot Bhavana for ur kind words

Medha Mohini Radhika

tq so much for this article.... this will help me alot as i m in the same situation........

Dhara Doshi

even m planing to give my exams of creative writing course...I just hope that I can complete it wit my 5 months old kiddie

Divya Manoj Kumar

Great inspirational story...I always wanted to live myself after my child's birth ...But was throwing some lame excuses for past three months..after reading your's I decided to give myself some time and do what I like...Thank you :)


Truly Inspirational...

Aiswarya Shankar

Hats off dear...... Very inspirational. I just needed it. Thanx

Tripti Maheswari

wowww dear superb

Divya Mehta

facing same situation with 1.5 mnth old bby

Meghna Tailor

All the best 👍

Dipti Gakhar

Great thanks now I'm thinking to join office back and give my promotional exam

Vijaya Tripathi

really awesome hats off to your spirit and the good work you did....


This is so well written.

Shraddha Jain

grt courage


Great! Very Inspirational! All the best for your future endeavors.
I think along with family the credit must go to the invigilator (examiner) who agreed for the breaks during writing paper.

ranjita sharma

Wow..I am so much inspired by your story ..much needed .thanx

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