Disposable or Cloth Diapers for your Baby? Or just Nappies? – Figure out for yourself!

Disposable or Cloth Diapers for your Baby? Or just Nappies? – Figure out for yourself!

8 Aug 2016 | 3 min Read

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Diapering too, just like any other aspect of baby care, can put you on the horns of a dilemma!

Mom/ Mom-in-law: “These things are not good, you all grew up without diapers. Why do you need these at all, leave them in nappies!” Or, “How lucky you have these today, we didn’t have such luxuries!”

Mommy friend/ neighbor: “I Like Huggies!” “Mamy Poko has always worked the best for me!”, “Have you tried out cloth diapers? They are so eco-friendly!”

Pediatrician: “Keep your baby without any diaper as much as possible.”

Later in school or daycare, you hear, “Is your child potty trained yet? Send them with / without diapers (based on school philosophy).”

What you are left with is a cloud of doubt! To ease your lives a bit, we thought we will share with you what MomStars on BabyChakra have followed for their babies. Basis these views, you can make your own informed choices.

We learnt that most mothers (nearly 80% of those who responded) opted for regular, disposable diapers for sheer ease and convenience. Most of these mums opted for diapers while their children were outdoors or to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. 

A Mom who has tried all options (nappies, disposable diaper and cloth diaper), Priyanka Baheti Agarwal said, “I’ve used all and I think the best was regular disposable diapers. Frankly, it suits me because we are living a fast paced life and other options definitely add up to consuming more time and inconvenience. I do not consider diapers as a hindrance to toilet training as we can still do it the way we’ll do with other options, without putting extra efforts into cleaning and washing”. 

Moms who used disposable diapers feel, if the right diaper hygiene is maintained, diaper rash is avoidable and with the right approach, toilet training is also not too tough.

On the other hand of the spectrum, are cloth diapering moms. MomStar Neha Chopra quipped, “I am a proud cloth diapering mom who believes in lots of diaper free air time for baby and toddler. We are in the potty learning phase and have now graduated to training pants and cotton pull up pants. In school, at nap/night sleep we are diaper free, but for outings we depend on modern cloth diapers. India is vibrant with many fascinating color n prints for your baby’s bum in the safety of cloth, water proof, free from plastic, bleach and toxins, green choices that are economical in the long run. Choosing anything that’s not sustainable and toxic is out of my list.”

So follow your instincts and value systems, your baby’s cues, decide for yourself and be in peace.

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