Want your little star to trailblaze the walkways?

Want your little star to trailblaze the walkways?

10 Aug 2016 | 3 min Read

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Before your toddler starts showing off all the swagger and the jive, s/he must learn to walk, and they do it in their own way. What you need to manage though, is the advice that will come your way, making you lose sleep over why isn’t your baby walking yet?! Here is some much needed wisdom to keep your wits about you. 


When will my baby start walking?

Most babies take their first steps during the end of their first year (between 9 and 12 months ). Don’t worry if this development comes a little later for your baby. Many children don’t walk until they are 16 or 17 months old. If you feel your baby is lagging behind significantly, you must consult your pediatrician. 


How Does your Baby learn to walk at all?

Most babies begin by crawling, although some skip this stage altogether and jump right into standing up and eventually walking. If your baby is an experienced crawler, he may be trying to attempt more challenging maneuvers such as crawling up stairs. While stair-climbing may help him learn how to judge height and depth and develop his sense of balance, it is wisdom to install stair gates so he can’t attempt climbing them without you on hand to help.

Your baby will “cruise” first before walking


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Very mobile babies attempt to stand up and take a few steps while holding onto a piece of furniture, a technique known as “cruising.” If your baby is becoming confident, s/he’ll soon discover how to move across a room using pieces of furniture as balancing aids. Learning how to cruise like this is the last physical skill your baby needs to master before s/he begins walking without assistance. Encourage him/her to cruise and eventually walk by holding out your hands. Show him how to bend at the knees to sit down. If s/he reaches a favorite toy by maneuvering himself across the room, remember to give him/her lots of praise.


Childproof your home!

The home is where the heart is! Dear friends, and it’s especially true for your babies. It’s the place where they learn to take their first tiny steps, so childproofing it is a must. A cruising or walking baby can get into a lot of mischief. Also, as your baby uses her hands, legs and feet to move around, she’s much more likely to get dirty, her skin may get dry from the extra friction that can occur with walking, and she can become more prone to nicks and cuts. So instead of contemplating about the worst possibilities, make your home safe and watch the fun as your toddler grows into an adorable bundle of excitement!


Don’t miss to record these firsts on camera – crawl, cruise, wobbly steps and finally the ‘Walk’, while having fun, as your baby turns into the cutest alpha ninja of fun and mischief!


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