12 Ways You Get Moved When You Discover You Are Pregnant!

Pregnancy is an amazing phase of life – some plan it, some get it as a surprise! But never the less, it leads you to the best possible thing you could ever do- become a mommy! The entire journey of pregnancy is a life-altering, mind numbing, roller coaster ride of problems, emotions, happiness, excitement, and surprises and lots of random moments of insane laughter.

In this funny compilation of pictures, we try to bring to you the essence of what happens when you take a pregnancy test and it comes out POSITIVE!


Take a look and find out if this resonates with how you felt when your test results came out positive:

1. How you feel right after your first Home Urine Pregnancy Test Comes out to be Positive
(The most epic WTF/OMG moment)


Image source: squarespace.com


2. How you feel when the second Urine pregnancy test comes out positive as well!!

(Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 


 Image source: bp.blogspot.com


3. When you finally muster enough strength to tell your husband.

(Let’s not be too dramatic here)


Image source: tumblr.com


4. When your husband finally musters the strength to give a reaction to the life-changing news of your pregnancy.

(Men will remain Men or more precisely boys. Lellll!)


Image source: tumblr.com


5. When you tell your best friend and Mom that you are pregnant!! (Well, funny or not, this one, I think is absolutely true!!)

(Motherly instincts on overdrive)


6. When Your Mom-in-Law finds out that you are going to have a baby very soon!! (Exhilarated to the hilt!!)

(Someone bring a stretcher please!!)


7. When your gang of girlfriends find out that you are pregnant 

(Is it more shocking than becoming the next President? I mean seriously girls!)  


Image source: bp.blogspot.com 


8. When your guy friends eventually find out that you are pregnant (poor souls, not sure how to react really!!)

(It’s literally a big bang moment for them)


Image source: Imgur.com


9. When the jealous ones find out that you are going to have a baby (whether you know it or not, there’s always a few!!)

(Be jealous, people!)


Image source: tumblr.com


10. When all the unsolicited advice starts to pour in (be prepared for this one, it’s not going to stop for a long time!!)

(A pair of earplugs could be helpful too)


Image source: media.tumblr.com


11. Your reaction to the unsolicited advice (Good going, practice this expression right!!)

(ignorance can often be bliss)



12. When you are through telling everybody and that happy feeling begins to set in (Yayyyyy, I’m going to have a teeny weeny wooshy little munchkin babiieee)

(It’s better than heaven!!)


Image source: soul bounce


It’s not a crime to share laughs. So please do share this without inhibitions.

Do let us know how you liked it in the comments section! 


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