Say peek-a-boo with letter P!

Say peek-a-boo with letter P!

20 Aug 2016 | 3 min Read

Amruta Ramsubramaniam

Author | 37 Articles

Hello! This week, let’s talk about some fun, hands-on ways of introducing letter P to your children!

As always, we started with our tracing activity by using the sandpaper letters:


We also love to scribble easy letters like P on the chalkboard. 

Besides the chalkboard what you see is our letter of the week poster containing images starting with letter sound “puh”: 

We also went through our letter of the week folder – which contains pictures starting from that particular letter!

Next I created a basket of some common objects with letter sound “puh” and we practiced their initial letter sounds. (Penguin, polar bear, policeman, pizza, pentagon, panda, peacock, pigeon).

These works are a great precursor to reading. We ended up playing shopkeeper pretending to  play with our phonetic basket! And this is the one thing that I love most about child-led activities. 

P is for penguins (something that my son is very curious about)- so I created a fun strip with cute penguin cliparts. My son had to carefully cut along the dotted line (we love anything that involves scissors ☺ ). Later he also glued them onto a rough paper. Cutting and pasting works are always so much fun!

Another fun pre-writing practice is filling up the circles of the uppercase & lowercase letters using the dot markers 

P is also for pom poms! So we practiced some fun pom pom transferring using our child-sized tongs. 

P is also for Pasta!  So we practiced some lacing skills using a shoe string and some pastas ☺

There are so many beautiful birds and animals that start with the letter P! I created these vocabulary cards and we went through their names and pictures. 

P is also for pegs. We have this fun counting set of pegs (eduedge brand). I added a hammer to  it for some fun pretend play pegging!  

P also stands for Pentagon – for this we went through its wooden geometric shape and tried to trace it!

And lastly P is for Pink Tower which is one of the most beautiful and engaging Montessori sensorial object. It contains blocks of different sizes from smallest to largest and the child has to carefully stack these!

I hope this article gave you some ideas in general of how you can keep your child creatively engaged whilst at home. 

You can check out my video on this series for more details: 

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