8 amazing reasons why music is magic for your baby!

Someone wise once said that music is the strongest form of magic. I concur with that and add that it is undoubtedly one of the best gifts we can ever give to our children. Music helps children learn.It helps in their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic development. This article is first in a three part series dedicated to music. Make sure to catch up with the other two which will follow soon – “What Exactly Is Good Music For Babies & Toddlers” & “Ways To Introduce Music To Babies & Toddlers”.


So let's quickly get on to the awesome benefits you can pass on to your child when you expose them to good music. I will also share tidbits about how I enjoy music with my 17 months old son and how it has helped us in our journey so far.


1. Rich Sensory Input: Good music has powerful sounds that create beautiful & interesting neural connections in the child's brain which help them later in grasping  soft skills and academics. We all know zero to three is the age when the toddler brain is busy making tons of neural pathways that serve as building blocks for their future. I try to play a variety of music to my son like Indian classical, Sufi, mantras, prayers, old Bollywood, instrumentals and traditional rhymes and he loves it.


2. Calming Agent: With so much talk about music therapies going on out there, it’s a known fact that good music always calms a soul down, including that of a child's. Which means you have one sure shot tool now to handle those cranky meltdowns, if music is in the routine of your child. Right after my son's birth, I magically pacified him with the music that he had been listening to when he was in my tummy.


3. Sets A Routine: A routine helps in creating predictability in a child's life. You can play certain music for mornings & nights, for outings, for different seasons etc. My son knows it's night time and time to sleep when I play my night time tracks. He wakes up fresh and happy in the morning when those particular morning mantras are being played.


4. Learning A Sense of Rhythm: Music teaches rhythm which is very important in life as every small process in our day-to-day lives has a rhythm in it, in a metaphysical sense of the term.


5. Motor Skills Development: As your little one moves around and dances to her favorite beats, she develops both gross and fine motor skills. I giggle when my son does twinkle twinkle using his tiny hands, plays tabla using both hands together, or moves around in a circle on his favorite tracks. It really gets him moving and grooving.


6. Vocabulary Building: Nothing can be more enjoyable for enhancing the vocabulary of your little one than music. It’s better than flashcards, for it’s super fun, highly interactive and focussed on active learning. To give an example, while showing my son a figurine of an elephant, I would sing along his favorite elephant rhyme and instantly he would learn and relate where is the trunk, tail and ears of an elephant.


.7. Multicultural Exposure: Giving your kids exposure to music of various regions/countries serves as a first step in introducing them to different cultures which  broadens their horizons and in the long run, helps in evolving them into an open-minded and embracing personality, I play Spanish & Sufi music to my son and he enjoys them equally. 


8. Bonding Time: A short burst of musical activity together with your child can create beautiful memories and help in bondingSo go ahead, get crazy with your child while an awesome track plays in the background. I often recite some tabla bols & he tries his hands on the tabla, and when I recite the same tabla bols while waiting in a restaurant for food, my son cheerfully bangs the table imitating himself on the tabla. Thus, I am constantly creating beautiful memories with him to cherish forever.

So don’t wait or hesitate. Buy or download some good stuff today, plan your day with what you want to play to your child,  and experience joy, bonding, smiles, hugs and lots of dance! If you are pregnant, you can start right away by simply listening to music yourself. Get your family soaked in music and experience the  difference!


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Absolutely agreed Kuhoo.

what kind of music should be played

Hi Akansha, Kuhoo will write about it in the subsequent articles

akansha, pls do make sure to read the next 2 articles in this series. I will be answering ur question there :)

Hi Gupta.. What mantras you have played for your kid?

thanks Kuhoo.. is the part 2 article posted?

waiting for the 2ñd article of the series

wao kuhoo, very well crafted , music is magic, m learning music n in  pregnancy I use to play harmonium i play music for my lil one n spend time with music, with all benefits you stated I am more boosted now.thx dear

I was in search for an article who can support my love for music and the way I used it with my son. When I would listen to the music during pregnancy everyone would scold me, bcz they say we should read good books at that time not music. I used to read. but as I said I love music  , I listened every type of music that u mentioned.  he has the sense of rhythm..music changes, he changes his steps... I can distract him from fights, he changes his mood if he is angry if start the music.

well said Kuhoo Gupta. i totally agree with u. my 6 month old daughter also like some particular songs and even though calm down by the help of music. one of her favorite song is " aao tumhe chaand pe le jaye...".this song is the only way for others to keep calm her in my absence. :-)

I'm so happy to read your experiences Sangeeta Sihag, Shruti Giri, Aradhana Sharma :)

Well written and informative

Very nice article.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted to teach music for my child. This post is very Informative

This is so well written.

Can u share all the musics which you are making your child listen?

Tells me how..

Tells me how..

I wish I knew this before

This is so well written.

Sounds like so much fun.

I wish I knew this before

This is just in time

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