Essential Snack Kit For Travelling Toddlers

Essential Snack Kit For Travelling Toddlers

26 Jun 2014 | 2 min Read

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I decided to chalk out how and what I was going to pack for our 24 hours flight. Here is my list ofHealthy travel snacks for kids that you too should try.

One would expect long hauls to be filled with a bunch of unexpected surprises, good and bad. And I wanted to be prepared. One of the things that keep ‘T’ a little occupied apart from his favorite board book is food. With the help of a wonderful post I’d read recently by a fellow mum. I decided to chalk out how and what I was going to pack for our 24 hours flight.

Mini snack packs were very handy for intervals especially since one airline didn’t offer an infant food option and the other really had nothing I would’ve liked to offer to my baby except maybe for some multigrain bun with butter and fruits. I used a first-aid pouch as a food kit. It housed everything I needed and kept my backpack very organized.



The kit comprised of:

1. Date nut & cereal satellites, recipe below

2. Idlis

3. Cheese sandwich

4. A pot of yoghurt

5. Rice puffs

6. Carrot and pumpkin par boiled & dusted with cinnamon

7. Ready to eat cereal. Though I am not a fan of processed food, sometimes there’s just NO option.

8. Electrobion re-hydration sachets

9. Face tissues

10. One spoon

11. One small bowl

12. One large zip lock, to store the used spoon & bowl

13. Paper soap

I tried to keep the snacks as sugar free as possible, since ‘T’ on a sugar rush was the last thing I was looking to battle.



Here’s what you will need for the date nut satellites:
– Pitted dates
– Soaked almonds or any other nuts you’d prefer
– I used some leftover cereal puffs

Blitz all to a fine dust and pat into coin sized satellites. These turn out to be quite soft and chewy, and very easy to pack. Just ziplock a few and you are good to go. ‘T’ absolutely loved these.
Happy to say we had a relatively uneventful journey and the boy was quite delighted to be re-united with his cousin.
Now looking forward to some fun times ahead!



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