7 amazing reasons why breastfeeding and babywearing go hand-in-hand!

7 amazing reasons why breastfeeding and babywearing go hand-in-hand!

Babywearing is the act of wearing your baby in a carrier close to you. It's a practice as old as civilization itself, but whose multifaceted advantages are being re-discovered by smart new-age mums who want to enjoy parenting. And guess what! Babywearing also makes breastfeeding feel like heaven, for mums who babywear and breastfeed newborns are are twice as likely to continue their breastfeeding relationship with their babies in the months and often years to come. So without much ado let’s delve right into why breastfeeding newborns while babywearing is awesome for you!


Firstly, the mother’s level of oxytocin and prolactin (hormones which support breastfeeding) increases when baby is close to her. Not only does this help in establishing her supply to breastfeed a newborn, but also leads to deeper bonding with the baby, comforts the baby by way of skin-to-skin contact and even reduces chances of postnatal depression. 

Secondly when you wear your baby in a sling or a baby carrier, your baby is really close to you and it is the best breastfeeding technique!  

Thirdly, frequent feeding (as and when your baby wants), while the baby is experiencing your touch and smell like when you are breastfeeding in while lying down, increases the fat content in your milk, thus enabling your baby to put on weight faster. 

Fourthly, during periods of growth spurts when babies go into marathon feeding mode, babywearing essentially helps in meeting your baby’s increased needs without compromising on your mobility. With some practice, you can even breastfeed hands-free and be able to go on with your day as usual, without having to sit down for feeds. This, however, depends greatly on the type of carrier you use and your baby's size. Bigger babies and some carriers require you to support your baby with at least one hand to keep them positioned right and latched on correctly. This also holds true for a baby who moves her head way too much.

Wearing your baby while nursing is the perfect way to keep them focused and relaxed during feeds,as it helps avoid distractions.

With Babywearing, you can feed your baby discreetly in public, which is a huge advantage especially in a country like India.

Lastly, Babywearing is can also be instrumental in feeding adopted babies and also helps in feeding preemie babies.


So as you can clearly see, breastfeeding a newborn and babywearing do go hand in hand. So what are you waiting for? Reach out for the right wrap, wear your baby and feed away to glory!


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