Queueing up fun activities for letter Q!

Queueing up fun activities for letter Q!

12 Sep 2016 | 3 min Read

Amruta Ramsubramaniam

Author | 37 Articles

‘Q’ is more than just Queen or Queue! One of the most underused and underrated letter of the English Alphabet, can also offer a lot for your child in terms of learning.

Here is an overview of our shelf for letter Q week – 



On the top you can see Letter of the week poster with simple images starting with letter Q:



We also have our sandpaper letter tracing work. In case you do not have sandpaper letters, you can use a tray filled with rice, flour or salt and ask your child to trace the letters in that. This is a really cool activity for kids aged 3.5 years or above.

Next is our dot marker work, in case you do not have the marker, you can simply ask your child to fill in the circles with crayons, pom poms or any other manipulative, just like the one shown in our third tray. 



Q is for quarter (a fraction) – and we talked about this by using our Velcro pretend play toys. First we spoke about whole, then half, then one –third and then a quarter!



Q is also for questions! And children love to ask questions, but I thought why not turn the tables this time and ask him some fun questions instead. I wrote them on Popsicle sticks and we enjoyed playing a quick fire round! 



Q is also for Quiet-time boxes. I created 3 simple ones for this week: 

First one was a lacing box – I put together some wooden and plastic shapes with beads and laces, and it sure did keep my little boy engaged for some time. 



Second was a cooking pretend play themed box! For this, I put together few of his pretend play jars and a barbeque. Anything to do with cooking is always a hit with my kid!



Third was an open ended / exploratory box with items that my son currently likes exploring and playing with (a wooden moon, wallet with fake currencies and expired cards, shrek, minion etc!)



Had you ever imagined learning about letter Q would be so much fun?! So go ahead and try few of these activities with your child, and do let me know how you guys enjoyed! 


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