5 Ideas for your Birthing Room That You Will Have Never Read Before

5 Ideas for your Birthing Room That You Will Have Never Read Before

‘All your bags are packed and s/he is ready to come!’ 

‘Baby is coming! Oh ya!’

We can tell that you are probably going through a strange mix of anxiety, hope, fear of the unknown, excitement and probably the world’s largest pot pourri of emotions! Understandably so…

You might have done every bit to make sure your baby’s nursery is ready and all Mom-Baby essentials are in place. Have you given any thought as to how you will celebrate your baby’s arrival, who will be there in the birthing room or even how the room will smell and feel…

Take a few moments to plan that out as this is arguably one of the biggest events in your life! Nothing else can remotely match up to it.

Here are few suggestions that we have gathered from best of sources:

1. Husband in the birthing room: Hospitals and doctors in India today, are getting more open about it! Even if they don’t offer you, please ask for it. This is his golden chance to feel a fragment of what you and your baby are undertaking. Needless to say, half of your pain will melt away with just that thought :-) If you are birthing at home with a midwife, you can have your mother, or any other close family members who can be your support system.

2. Seize the moment on Camera:
 Yes, book a photographer for the D-Day! Most people who arrange for a photographer, typically set the stage for pictures as soon as the newborn pops out. While that’s great, have pictures of the process too! (They will tell you your most beautiful tale in future) – ascent of labour, those shrieks, the baby’s arrival in parts, ambience in the room and so on. And please don’t leave it to your husband even if he’s a good photographer, as he will be so overwhelmed in those moments that camera will be his last thought! Even if you are having a C-section, request your doctor/hospital for photography.

3. Play Music to the Tunes of Labor: 
Well, this no one will tell you! But, do ask. Collect your favorite instrumentals or a series of Om Chants, Gayatri Mantra or any soothing music (don’t go for very rocky beats or songs with lyrics) - Trust us, it will be a game changing experience! Ensure the speaker quality is good.

4. Aroma Magic: While nothing will smell better than your own creation, from the moment s/he is in your hands, it’s definitely worth having some incense sticks or vaporizers (fragrance of your choice) in the birthing room. Why reserve them for places of worship when the little God is arriving him/herself!

5. Breast Crawl: And Last, but certainly not the least! Request the medical team attending you to initiate breastfeeding for you by allowing the newborn to rest on your chest bare skin. It has been scientifically proven that the baby’s survival instincts enable it to crawl towards the mother’s breasts and attempt to latch if given a chance right after birth (in the first 20 minutes preferably). 

Happy Birthing! All’s well that ends well :-) Good Bye pregnancy and a warm welcome to the New Mommy!


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