Organic Foods vs Natural Foods: Which is better?

Organic Foods vs Natural Foods: Which is better?

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So what's really the difference between natural and organic? Or is there any difference at all? The difference is huge so to speak. Here are some differences between organic and all natural food stuff.

Very often, natural foods refer to foods that have underline minimal processing. So all natural foods need not or necessarily be organic.

Organic food is food made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, sewage sludge or irradiation. An organic certification on the label is a great assurance that you are buying food which is not tampered with or treated in any form.

Most people prefer and are willing to shell extra for organic food over natural foods because stringent measures are in place for organic foods while natural foods do not have to follow strict rules and regulations. Just about anyone can use the 'natural' label freely due to the lack of adequate guidelines and rules. But to use the ' organic' label, a manufacturer has to follow a stringent set of rules and regulations laid down by the government.

So if are really concerned about what goes in your body, you will have to put in the extra effort to find Organically Certified' labels on your food.


If we talk about ethics, organic farming is considered far more ethical than other farming methods as it involves growing systems that enhance biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. Organic farming, by definition, does not use environmentally harmful chemicals or pesticides that may contaminate rain and groundwater. It also replenishes and maintains healthy, fertile topsoil with rich biological matter, which does not erode into waterways.

Organic also assures you of fruits and vegetables being available in their natural seasonal cycle rather than fruits and veggies which are forced to ripen and sold throughout the year.

If you are concerned about your health, your family's health and the general ecosystem at large, changing your lifestyle to an organic one isn't difficult. You can start with fruits and vegetables, then gradually move to food grains and then to milk and juices. A step ahead would be to shift to organically made body products as 68 percent of what you put on your body is absorbed by the body.


There is a growing awareness now in terms of beauty and body products and the genuinely aware are already making this paradigm shift. Mothers especially are looking out for products that have no potential chemicals and are absolutely safe for their babies.

And if you think organic is expensive, think about the moolah you save from visiting doctors and health experts to cure lifestyle diseases potentially caused by the massive onslaught of chemicals in our lives.

If its health at stake, a little extra is worth it, I would say!

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