6 Super Fun Navratri/ Dussehra Craft Activities For Kids

6 Super Fun Navratri/ Dussehra Craft Activities For Kids

Crafting with kids is always fun and Navratri gives us good ideas! Here are 6 super fun Navratri craft activities for kids


Dolling up dandiya sticks: Archana decorates her own dandiyas, you can do the same. If your kids love playing garba and raas, enthuse them into dolling up their own dandiya sticks. All you need is a set of wooden dandiyas, a tassel of beads or little bells, tape, multi-colored satin ribbons, stones and glue.

Tie the tassel around the sticks or secure it with a tape. Now, put some glue over the dandiya stick, attach the satin ribbon of your choice and continue wrapping. You can use as many different colours of satin ribbon as you want. Decorate it with stones. You may also use printed cloth and feathers to decorate the dandiya...well, your imagination is the limit!



Make your own Ravana: Ravana might have been an evil one, but he is an important part of the Ramayana. Kids can make a Ravana effigy using old clothes, socks and newspapers, and painting it up. Or, they can make a Ravana mask by drawing Ravana and it’s ten heads on a white construction paper and painting it. Or better still, make Ravana out of a toilet roll or paper cups, stick big moustache and eye brows using black felt paper, and a golden thrown made out of golden craft paper, poster paints and glue, something like this.


Source: artsycraftsy.com


Create a wall piece with Mysore bedecked elephant: In Mysore, they take out huge processions involving beautifully decorated elephants. How about creating the regal elephants of Mysore and turning them into a wall piece. All you need is a cardboard, felt papers in green, red, yellow or blue (or any other colour your child likes), gold ribbon, mirrors, wool or string, and glue. Draw an elephant on the cardboard and cut it out. Stick the felt papers, decorate it with ribbons and mirror/stones. Now, punch a hole at the top of the elephant, tie a thread and hang it on the wall.


Source: Bannadachitte.blogspot


Create a scene from Ramayana: Make figurines like Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman, Ravana or Kumbhkaran out of clay or play doh. Now, create a scene from Ramayana, for instance Ashok Vatika or Panchvati by making various props like trees, flowers, deer, food, etc. from construction paper, play doh, rangoli, etc. This will be like your own golu.



Decorate a pot: If you keep ‘akhand diya’ in your house throughout the period of Navratri, or sow barley in an earthen dish, how about asking your child to decorate it first? Get a diya/pot or dish, and your child can paint it and decorate it with lace, tassels, stones and mirrors. Isn’t your traditional looking matki absolutely rocking?


Source: decorcraze.com


String together accessories for Kanya Pujan: If you celebrate Kanya Pujan in your house, take this opportunity to string together beautiful accessories as gifts for little girls. Buy stretch cord or elastic wire and coloured stones, rhinestone beads, glass beads, wooden beads, bells, etc. Your kids will enjoy stringing together bracelets and necklaces out of them.


Source: makebraceletsblogdot.com


Let kids have fun this Navratri with these awesome craft ideas!


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