Maternity Style Guide: Using the right accessories to look glam every time

Maternity Style Guide: Using the right accessories to look glam every time

Looking stylish in comfortable clothing during pregnancy isn’t usually possible right? Well, our style gurus beg to differ. With the right maternity wear and the right accessories plus the glowing face of pregnancy to complete the look, you could give even celebrities a run for their money! Here is a style guide by Kriti Maternity for you to have the perfect look.

To start with, you could try this polka-dotted, lightweight and easy-to-wear woven top by Kriti. It is the perfect look for a Sunday brunch by a lakeside café, or a hectic day in office. If you own something similar in your wardrobe, pull it out and accessorise with these style tips to look pretty as a peach

The High Street Look

This one’s for the ladies who love strutting around the high end shopping streets by the day. Catching up with your girlfriends at a casual get-together? We’ll tell you how you can accessorize.

1. Simple Turquoise Ear Drops 

Work around the bright colour of your top with palettes of turquoise. This colour scheme always works. Use small, dainty earrings like drops or a pair of studs which look playful but just.

2. Light-Coloured Silk Woven Scarf

A silk scarf, or a cashmere silk-wrap are your best friends when it comes to adding a dash of femininity. You can wear them in any way you want – a standard loop, a French knot, or a bib. It creates a layer of warmth and adds a touch of colour to your outfit.

3. Turquoise Leather Sling

To bring an interesting facet to your look or add a little bit of glamour, carry a leather sling that matches your earrings. Choose a medium or a small one, so that it’s both functional yet fun-looking. 

4. Peach Stringed Flats

And finally, to make your look complete, choose comfortable flats that give you a hip and modern vibe. A good thing to look out for here is padding. When you’re pregnant, there’s a lot of strain on your ankles, so in order to avoid painful strolls, make sure you buy sandals you can walk in!

In Pristine Love

If you’re a jet-setting professional where looking dapper is of utmost importance all the time, we know just what you can do to jazz up your outfit. 

1. Golden Watches, Bracelets And More

If you’re at a formal event, and you need to look conservative, wear simple studs, maybe a watch or a bracelet in gold/rose gold. This will compliment your outfit well, especially if it is in the shade as shown, and give your elegance an edge.

2. Blazing White Corduroys

Since your western top has white polkies, match it with comfy white corduroys or a pair of maternity tummy huggers. Ensure your bottoms are made of fabric that can stretch and breathe, so you can stay active all day, without a worry! 

3. Business Jacket/ Blazer

Nothing can make you look more office-ready than a blazer. If you want to look formal but not too over-dressed, opt for an off-white or a white one preferably with one button, three-fourth sleeves and a turn down collar.  Always go for the one made out of cotton fabric, owing to the crazy hot summers we can have here!

4. Girly Tote With A Bow

Solid totes and striped totes with bows are in! What’s more, if they are spacious enough, you can even carry your laptop with ease. Make a refined statement with a reliable bag and we assure you, heads will turn when you walk into that floor.

5. Closed-Toed Flat Loafers

Loafers are trickier to wear than ballerinas or slip-ons, but they look preppy very quickly. Opt for a subtle coral one that goes well with your top, but doesn’t draw too much attention. We don’t want all eyes on your shoes while you look stunning, do we? 

You may be the casual type, or the one that dresses sharp, or a mix of both. Whoever you are, know all your options, and ensure that all your accessories bring your outfit together. Have fun styling this festive season

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