Hey mum-to-be, does your wardrobe have these 7 things to dress your bump?

Hey mum-to-be, does your wardrobe have these 7 things to dress your bump?

11 Oct 2016 | 4 min Read

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As a mum-to-be, it’s natural to be apprehensive about the changes happening to your body. With each advancing trimester, the body changes rapidly and picking the right clothes to dress your bump can prove to be challenging . You may like the fabric of a certain outfit, but then the cut isn’t right for your growing belly. Or you may shop for loose-fitting clothes exhaustively, only to discard them later as they may end up being too frumpy for you post delivery!

To stock up on clothes wisely for pregnancy and the first few months post delivery, we have handy tips on what you should actually look out for, the next time you go shopping.

1. Western Wear

A nice comfy dress in cotton/viscose, or a chic western top in solid colours or polka dots are perfect for every occasion. 

Pick a style that offers a perfect fit, i.e. options to tighten or loosen the outfit – like elastic garters, side tabs and concealed zippers so they can be of use to you post pregnancy as well. Use them for a day at work, or for one of those evenings out with friends and family.




2. Classic Kurta 

Kurtas are great for the growing belly as they tend to flow and fall with ease. Unlike earlier, when maternity kurtas had only one or two styles,  maternity kurtas available now are quite classy.  

Opt for those made from soft fabric, which ensures you remain sweat-free and fresh throughout the day. Pair it with contrasting churidaar leggings to complete the look.  These also have clever discreet openings to nurse your baby after delivery, and that too in style.



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3. A Pair (or two) of Tummy Hug Leggings 

Before you buy extra-large sized leggings, look out for “tummy hugs”. They provide room for your belly to grow while the legs are cut for year-round wear. The band or the top portion of the tummy hug is made of 100% organic, breathable cotton that’ll keep you comfy and give enough support.  These are basics and a must-have! 


4. Comfortable Night Wear 

Obvious! If you need ample comfort in your sleep (crucial), choose a nice, airy nightgown that comes with a nursing feature. Ensure you have at least 4-5 of these. Night wear is your best friend during your preggie days, especially during the last trimester.

5. Fold Over Panties 

Not many women know that your usual inner wear shouldn’t be worn during pregnancy. The changing body of a mum-to-be needs innerwear that is a couple of sizes loose and made of 100% breathable, stretchy fabric such as cotton. Wrong underwear can easily cause infections of the skin and vulva requiring unnecessary medication. Stock up on maternity panties which provide your bump comfy support.


6. Comfortable Nursing Bra 

Again, important! Your breasts can get sore during and post-pregnancy, making you feel like going braless, sometimes.

Like regular bras, nursing bras also have hook and eye clasps, but with more number of hooks at the back. To make breasts accessible during feeding, look for clasps at the top of the cup fabric that you can fold down during feeds. Once again, MAKE SURE they’re a couple of sizes bigger and that the fabric is breathable. Ask around to find out what has worked best for other moms.




7. Lounge Pants 

Your husband’s baggy track pants may feel like the most comfortable thing to wear over your growing pregnant belly but you can pamper yourself in a pair of your own lounge pants or jammies. These have a tummy hug top portion that’s fordable and stretchy over the bump and have lovely prints too, so you can strut around in these anytime of the day.

We feel these seven pieces of clothing are key to your maternity survival. Remember, comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Despite having no waistline, a frumpy hairstyle and no make up, you can still look fab when your basics are right. 



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