Did You Try Homeopathy For Fighting Your Pregnancy Woes?

Did You Try Homeopathy For Fighting Your Pregnancy Woes?

Leela was in the 14th week of pregnancy. She suffered from severe morning sickness, so much so that even the sight or smell of food made her vomit. She tried many antacids and antiemetic (vomiting) medicines but they didn’t help at all.

A friend then suggested homeopathy to her. Just within few days of the treatment, the vomiting ceased and Leela could consume a normal diet again.

During pregnancy, women feel differently, both physically and psychologically, and need proper care to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby.

But even the healthiest mum-to-be can develop a few annoying discomforts during those nine months. Many then resort to over-the-counter drugs or pills to keep these ailments at bay, but this may greatly place the developing baby’s health at risk. During such time,  safe and gentle remedies that cause minimum side effects are advisable. Homeopathy is said to be one of the safest modes of treatment during pregnancy.


How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy's basic premise is called the “principle of similars.”  It refers to recurrent observation and experience that a medicinal substance will prompt a healing response for specific symptoms (or suffering) that it has been known to cause when given in overdose to a healthy person.
Each remedy in homeopathy is individually chosen and a single remedy is picked to match particular symptoms. What this means is that two people with the same symptoms can be prescribed completely different remedies because the treatment is based on the individual and not just the symptoms.
It is extremely safe as it involves the use of immeasurably small amounts of active ingredients that help stimulate the body’s own ability to heal itself. The medicines are derived mainly from plants and minerals.  

Unlike conventional drugs, homeopathic medicines are non-addictive and have no dangerous side effects. They are approved by the FDA, pleasant-tasting and are hence considered gentle and safe to use during pregnancy or for babies and young children.


Homeopathy during pregnancy

A host of diseases can be treated safely during pregnancy with homeopathy. They can be morning sickness , acidity, leg cramps, backache, piles, constipation, itching, UTI or even headaches.


Is homeopathy safe to use during childbirth?

Homeopathy is perfectly safe to use during childbirth. In fact, it can even ease anxiety in the mum-to-be or speed up labour in progress. 

Since it enhances the body’s healing ability, it brings balance, well-being and in most cases, the elimination of symptoms that cause discomfort during childbirth.


Homeopathic Pregnancy Supplements 

Here are some homeopathic medicines which can be taken as supplements to provide vital nutrients needed during pregnancy. These have to be consumed in lowest potency form 6x daily thrice for best results.

Ferrum Phosphoricum: It helps replenish iron levels in body and prevents anaemia. It also helps in formation of healthy blood in the developing baby.

Calcarea Phosphorica: This can be taken as a calcium supplement and supports bone development in your unborn child. It also prevents calcium depletion from the mother’s body.

Kali Phosphoricum: This is advised for enhancing the brain development of the baby. It also helps keep insomnia and depression at bay, which are common pregnancy problems.

For other pre and post pregnancy related problems, it is best to visit a trained homeopathic physician before consuming off-the-shelf homeopathic medicines.

How do I take a homeopathic remedy?

As a general guide, take one dose of your selected remedy three times daily for up to three days. Stop as and when you feel better. Let tablets dissolve under the tongue. Hard tablets may be chewed if they do not dissolve.

Sometimes, depending on the ailment, the frequency or type of the remedy may be changed. For example, during or after labour, you may find that you want to take a remedy more often or you may want to take more than one remedy in a single day. 
Homeopathy also works beautifully in healing , relieving pain and easing breastfeeding issues after birth so that you can enjoy mothering your new baby too.




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