Stronger bones, smarter brain with Palak Paneer for babies!

Ok, it’s time to admit it. Both you and your baby are probably tired of the same old menu of pureed food day in and out, isn’t it? Well, it’s time for some gourmet weaning food with Palak Paneer!  Here we have the recipe of an easy, spice-free version of this famed dish, so while you relish this all-time favourite, your little one can enjoy his own version.

Palak paneer is wholesome and a winning combination of spinach (palak) and cottage cheese (paneer). The iron and folic acid from spinach is great for the baby’s developing brain and a dose of calcium from the paneer is ideal for her growing bones.

We as adults love this dish, but babies may not accept it very easily. The peculiar taste of spinach which is masked by the spices in the adult version is very much dominant in the baby version which is why the dish may be rejected by them in the initial few attempts. But, since it is extremely nutritious for them in the long run, keep trying.

The paneer helps balance out the taste so you can increase / decrease the quantity as required, making it more palatable on little taste buds. Preferably make the paneer at home.

This vibrant dish can be one of the first dual combination recipes for your baby, ideally to be had at around 7 months of age. 

Palak Paneer for babies 

  • Makes ¼ cup, ideal for one meal sitting 


  • 2 tbsp spinach puree, boiled
  • 3 tbsp paneer, grated 
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • Salt, if required


  • Heat ghee in a pan and sauté the spinach puree in it. 

  • Add boiled water to adjust consistency, if necessary. Now, add salt if required.

Here’s to healthier babies and an interesting weaning journey!

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Comments (9)

Shri Hiremath

thank u for suggest

Priyanka Shah

thank you for your suggestions I will try

Farida Nazir

how to make spinach puree?

Ashvini Sonar

this recipe is for how many months old baby??


7 months old babies can have it

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

i used to steam apple and spinach together. the sweetness of the apple masked the bitterness of the spinach.

Radhi Anand

very useful Umaima Abdulally how can we give other spinach varieties?


This is so well written.

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