Paneer Apple Delight for the Apple of Your Eye

Paneer Apple Delight for the Apple of Your Eye

7 Nov 2016 | 2 min Read

Umaima Abdulally

Author | 75 Articles

Our babies are sweethearts, so they deserve the sweetest things in life, right? Well, here’s a recipe of Paneer Apple Delight that’s almost like a gourmet dessert for babies.

I have often treated my baby to this dish whenever I was bored feeding him the usual dal and mashed roti. It’s a real joy to see him savour this humble little dessert, once in a while.

Paneer and apple pack a good combination of calcium and fibre. The dish gets a rich feel with the addition of nut powders.

Omit the nut powder or reduce its quantity as it tends to make the dish heavy on the stomach. You may also add a teaspoon of milk to make the consistency more puree-like.

Substitute apple with pear, or any other fibrous fruit if  you wish to.

I have seldom pureed fruits or vegetables for my son as I prefer giving him the real feel of textures and flavours in his weaning foods. You will find that the paneer and apple in this recipe are grated and not pureed or mashed.

I would not suggest giving this dish to your baby before he’s 7 – 8  months old or till he has adjusted to top feeds for a month or so.


Paneer Apple Delight

Makes ½ a cup, ideal for 1 meal sitting




1/4th cup paneer (cottage cheese), freshly grated

1/4th cup apple, freshly grated

1 ½ tsp date puree for sweetening

½ tsp almond (badam) powder(optional)

½ tsp pista powder(optional)



Mix the grated paneer and apple well.

Add in the nut powders and some of the date puree. Check for the sweetness, if required, add rest of the date puree.

Always ensure the fruit is freshly grated close to the time of preparation and is followed by immediate feeding.


Important: Enjoy the yumminess with your baby instead of fussing about the mess around! 🙂


Disclaimer: If feeding to baby under 12 months, do not add sugar or honey. You may use date puree for sweetening. 
For babies, above 12 months, we recommend do not add white sugar, you may use honey, jaggery or date puree for sweetening.

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