6 Sure-Fire Ways to Have Your Little One’s Undivided Attention!

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Have Your Little One’s Undivided Attention!

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As a young, new mommy your days (packed with the baby chores) may seem long but believe us when we say, the years will fly by! Before you know it, life will happen and your baby will be crawling, walking and eventually moving ahead with life already. It is important then, that you savor the time you two have together; the time while your baby is still a child and you alone make their entire world!

Here are some practical and purposeful videos that will help you bond and make the most of your time with the little human.


How To Bathe A Newborn



Bath time is the best time to engage your baby’s senses and bond with your little precious person. Here is how you can optimize your baby’s bath time with fun and play, while also making sure your baby gets the best skin care possible!


How To Moisturize Baby Sensitive Skin



Your baby’s skin is still only developing and needs a lot more moisture than yours! So make sure you pamper your little one’s skin with ample after bath moisturization. Use a clinically approved; safe and mild baby moisturizer. See this gentle moisturizing and massage time as a warm bonding exercise!


How To Make Edible Natural Paints



If your little Picasso gets excited around colours and loves to paint (so much so, they’ll lick it up) then you must do everything to boost his/her creativity. Start with using organic colours! With these super simple edible colour recipes that you can make at home, allow your baby to go all out and spend some time painting together


How To Make Edible Play dough




As soon as your baby learns to strengthen their grip, they will want to grab everything in their reach, if not bite into it! This is when you can keep them engaged with this non-toxic and edible play dough. With these simple and colorful play dough recipes, you can now spend hours of quality play time with your little one without an ounce of worry!


How To Make Edible Moon Sand



A sandbox can be an ideal play time for the development of your baby; provided your sand is safe and organic. With this homemade and edible moon sand recipe, you can allow your little one to get creative and let their imagination take root! Do this together to add quality to your play time.


How To Make Colorful Pasta



Kids love colourful pasta, even before they can eat it! This super simple trick to colour your pasta with edible colours, lets you spend hours of carefree play time with your little one.  


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