How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 11

You are now at the peak of your first trimester and your pregnancy is about to bloom. Your baby is already the size of a lemon and weighs about 8 grams. S/he is going to have a major growth spurt in the next 3 weeks and will soon double in size!

All of your baby’s major organs have now formed and will continue to grow during her/his stay in the uterus. Excited much?!


Signs and Symptoms

The feeling of nausea and sickness may ebb as you progress towards trimester two. For some women however, nausea continues. :(

On the up side, you might experience an increased sex drive from this week on, as handiwork of all those hormones. Time for some bonding (action) with your partner! :)

Your energy levels should also redeem during  this week. Which makes it a good time to enrol for childbirth education classes. These will guide you through pregnancy, labor and the first few months of parenthood.

Also, try to choose a class that involves your partner at least for some activities. This will help him connect with the baby.

Some women crave nonfood substances during pregnancy, like mud, chalk, dirt, charcoal even sand. As gross as it sounds, it happens because of iron or mineral deficiencies. If you experience any of these, ask your doctor how to manage the cravings.


Physical Development

Even though you still haven’t gained any weight on the tummy, you might experience backache. This could be because of bad posture. Time to focus on correcting your posture! Deliberately try to sit erect with your shoulders pushed back and chest a little forward.

Your grandmother might tell you, they mopped floors and used stone grinders during pregnancy as part of pregnancy exercise. While you might not want to try any of those, it makes sense to join a prenatal exercise class.

Check if your hospital/ clinic conduct these classes. These classes will keep you active during pregnancy, help you work out safely and under supervision. They’re also a great place to meet other mums-to-be.


Emotional Development

Your partner and you need not abstain from physical intimacy during pregnancy. Relax, you won’t harm the baby. Try different lovemaking positions as it is not advisable to put pressure on your growing abdomen. Consider the side lying position or the woman on top position, whatever makes you feel comfortable. A great time to get creative!

Make sure you ask your doctor, if you have doubts regarding sex during pregnancy. If you have a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to avoid sex till you step into trimester two. Till then, keep the hugs, kisses and cuddles flowing!


Red Flags

Remember to flag any major changes happening in your body. Timely intervention from your doctor is important to protect your health during pregnancy.

It is also time to swap your heels for flats or low heeled pumps. Don’t feel bad. After all, flats will keep you comfortable, balanced and hence more safe.


Old Wives’ Tales

Some people believe that pregnant women should refrain from bathing regularly so they don’t faint. Again, a myth! A bath will keep you clean and ease fatigue. Yes, using piping hot water regularly or visiting the sauna must be avoided as it could increase chances of dizziness and dehydration.


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Hi.. Im 11 week pregnent. Now i have mouth ulcer. It may be couse of body heat. Wheter it affect my baby?

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