Movie Review:  ‘The Storks’ Teach a Thing or Two About Parenthood

Movie Review: ‘The Storks’ Teach a Thing or Two About Parenthood

29 Nov 2016 | 3 min Read

Nandini Aravind

Author | 50 Articles

Have you ever told your child the story of Storks to avoid the whole, ‘Where do babies come from’ talk? Well, in many cultures, grown-ups tell kids that babies are carefully made and delivered by special, well-trusted birds – the Storks! We do not know how many kids buy that story but this Warner animation flick has delivered their newest baby through this tale.


After a Stork gets too attached to a baby and destroys her delivery address, the entire Stork gang finds itself out of the baby delivering business. They take to delivering packages instead, under the e-commerce site, Cornerstone.


Eighteen years on, Cornerstone is successful and run by a strong and authoritative boss Stork named Hunter. He is now ready to pass on the battalion to his experienced subordinate named Junior.


Now Junior’s first task is to fire the 18-year-old clumsy orphan Tulip, who was left behind as as a result of the baby delivery mishap.


One day, Tulip responds to a little boy’s request for a baby brother and accidentally triggers the baby-making machine to create a baby girl. Unknown to the rest, Tulip and Junior set out on an adventure to deliver the baby girl to her address.


The movie showcases Tulip and Junior’s hilarious, obstacle-filled journey. Eventually, Tulip learns the address of her true parents. Does she decide to live with them? That’s for you to find out!


What you learn from the Storks:

The movie teaches us the importance of family, teamwork and believing in oneself. The writers of the movie have penned down the story well and sure know a thing or two about parenting. So they do manage to strike the right chord with the viewer.


There are some feel-good moments in the movie, like when Tulip eventually meets her true family. Also, the scene where the enemies fight with one another in silence so they do not wake a snoozing baby, is super cute. Tulip’s perseverance and dedication to her job even when everyone calls her a failure is an inspiration.


Advised age group: Great for kids of 4 years and above


Things to watch out for: The movie does have some scenes  that could keep the the kids on the edge of their seats. But if there’s a parent closeby, it should be fine. Be prepared to answer a few pesky questions about ‘where babies actually come from’, especially from the older kids.


Moms Verdict: Thumbs up! Overall, a good movie for the kids but will require a certain amount of explanation especially if your little one comes home and decides to write a letter to the Storks for a sibling!


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