6 Sure-fire Baby Proofing Tools Your Home Needs Now

6 Sure-fire Baby Proofing Tools Your Home Needs Now

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There is no joy like that of watching your little one take his/her first steps. But once your little brat starts to crawl/walk and cruise around the house, you will be the one on your toes 24*7!


You will find yourself on guard almost always and your only real weapon? Your eyes! While you will do everything to keep a watchful eye on your baby, there is always room for human error. Precisely why, we understand your need to baby proof and arm your homes with these super tools that can keep your baby from getting hurt.


Read on as we ask our Mom Star, Prachi Arora, to list down some of her favourite baby proofing tools…


Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover

Mom’s prospective: Because of this electrical outlet cover, I don’t need to unplug the cords each time my baby wants to move freely around the house.

Price:  Starts Rs.1280 onwards.



Electrical Socket Covers

Mom’s prospective: My baby is curious and wants to find out what’s inside those electrical plug points. These electrical socket covers are a big help since she can’t pull them out.

Price: Starts Rs.159 for a pack of five and Rs.32 per piece.



Baby Gates

Mom’s prospective: These baby gates come very handy. I can use it to keep her away from stairs.

I can make a separate play area for my baby by putting these gates at the room’s door. Plus I can keep her away from a particular area.

Price: Starts Rs.3000 onwards

Anti-skid Mat

Mom’s prospective: When I was a new mother, it was very difficult for me to give a bath to my daughter because she was so tiny, I was not able to hold her in her bath tub. She kept slipping from my hands. But with this anti-skid mat that I placed inside the tub, our bath time became more fun and safe.

Price: Starts Rs.350 onwards


Furniture corner cushions

Mom’s prospective: This one is a must-have in every toddler house. Babies can never mind the furniture and are most likely to hit themselves with those corners. These corner cushion covers come with adhesives and easily stick to furniture corners.

Price: Starts at Rs.199 a pack  


Table edge guards

Mom’s prospective: Furniture edges and corners are equally dangerous when your sweetheart is around. And another very important tool to keep babies safe from hitting against solid furniture, are these tapes to cover edges.

Price: Starts Rs.265 onwards

Door pinch guards

Mom’s prospective: This thing is a true life saver in a mother's life. With a baby in the house, a mother skips a heartbeat each time a door opens and shuts.

Price: Starts Rs.240 onwards


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