Have You Tried The One Stop Solution That Takes Care of Your Baby’s Moisturizing Needs?

Have You Tried The One Stop Solution That Takes Care of Your Baby’s Moisturizing Needs?

You want the very best for your baby and that is a given! Most mothers however, are divided on what defines best! One of the aspects of baby care, where there are too many views and options in today’s times, is baby skin care. And understandably so...

Baby skin is way more soft, delicate and sensitive than your skin. During every bath, baby skin loses moisture up to five times faster than your skin, thus making it vulnerable to damage and dryness.

For the first few months after birth (while still getting used to the new environment) your baby’s skin is prone to all kinds of damage. Precisely why, baby’s skin needs more than just mild and gentle cleansing. So here is brand Baby Dove that goes beyond mildness to ensure superior moisturization and replenishes the lost moisture and nutrients of your baby’s skin:


What it is?


With over 60 years of skin care heritage, especially for women, Dove has now set its heart on baby skin care. In October, they launched their brand new line of baby products, namely, Baby Dove!

Since baby skin needs the maximum care and moisturization, Baby Dove products are something you must try!



Why you might want to try it?

Yes, unlike ordinary baby care products, Baby Dove is not just mild, but it goes beyond mildness and, most importantly they are made to replenish the essential moisture and nutrients, lost during baths, back into the baby’s skin.

Baby Dove products are dermatologist and pediatrician tested. The skin experts at Baby Dove also confirm that all the products are hypoallergenic, pH-neutral and gentle to the eye with a mild and caring fragrance specifically developed for delicate new born baby skin. So your bath time is now all smiles and no tears!


What does the product line include?

Baby Dove has products for all skin types, normal to dry skin in its Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ranges. The rich moisture range includes; the Rich Moisture Baby Bar, the Rich Moisture Baby Lotion, Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream and the Rich Moisture Baby Wipes. The Sensitive Bar has been specifically developed to provide special care to babies with sensitive skin. Thus, ensuring you are well armed for all things baby skin care and moisturisation!



To know more about Baby Dove, click here.  

You can purchase the Baby Dove products here

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by: Baby Dove

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